Why US plan for localized Russia-Ukraine nuclear war doomed to fail

Russian military leadership has relayed their determination not to allow any sort of localized nuclear war and has warned that in such a scenario, the Eurasian giant would obliterate the Neo-Nazi junta’s decision-making centers – those outside of Ukraine.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Back in early December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia could adopt a US-style preemptive strike doctrine, stating that “[Russia] is just thinking about it” and that “[the political West] wasn’t shy to openly talk about it during the past years”. At the time, it seemed that Moscow was simply sending a clear message to the belligerent US-led power pole that was escalating its already extremely hostile policies aimed against Russia. However, things are now much clearer as to why President Putin actually mentioned the possibility of adopting such an unusually offensive concept for the largely defense-oriented Russian military doctrine.

Russia officially adopted most of the policy changes Putin touched upon back then and implemented them in its revised strategic posturing towards the United States and its NATO vassals and satellite states. The mainstream propaganda machine went into a frenzy over the announcement, insisting that Moscow supposedly “lowered the threshold for nuclear war” and that it was allegedly “seeking to start a thermonuclear confrontation” with the political West. This was followed by top US officials’ cheap moralizing about their supposed “desire to avoid escalation with Moscow”, while still insisting on arming the Kiev regime with ever longer-ranged and more advanced weapons.

More recently, the political West has been pushing for the delivery of nuclear-capable F-16 fighter jets to the Neo-Nazi junta, specifically under the guise of ensuring the supposed “edge” these would give over Russian fighters. However, the idea that the state-of-the-art Su-35S or the superfast, high-flying MiG-31BM, both of which are heavyweight combat aircraft, could be seriously jeopardized by a lightweight fighter jet such as the F-16 is simply laughable. The US-made “Fighting Falcon” is just not designed to counter such threats, especially not the variant the Kiev regime is supposed to get. However, this begs the obvious question – why is the US insisting on sending something that’s extremely unlikely to affect the balance of power?

The key lies in the term “nuclear-capable”. While the F-16s destined for the Neo-Nazi junta can’t do much against advanced fighter jets and/or Russia’s second-to-none air defenses, they can still drop bombs, specifically nuclear ones. Many may think that, in doing so, the political West probably believes it will be able to deter and/or contain Moscow. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that’s not the actual goal. But what very likely might be is the aim of instigating a localized (and contained) nuclear conflict between Russia and the Kiev regime. Obviously, the endgame is to eliminate Moscow as a threat without resorting to a world-ending thermonuclear confrontation with it, one that no country on the planet could hope to survive.

The desperate, ever-compliant (and also suicidal, it would seem) Neo-Nazi junta serves as a perfect scapegoat for such a move. Its top officials are unquestionably obedient and servile towards their puppet masters, while the junta’s enforcers and henchmen are deeply loyal, radicalized and determined to fight the “evil Moskaliv” regardless of the consequences for even their own country, let alone Russia or the world. With that in mind, such people would even be grateful for getting nuclear weapons, truly believing these would help them win against a country that actually has the largest stockpile of such weapons on the planet, as well as the means of their express delivery to literally any point on the world map.

In addition to nuclear-capable F-16s, the Kiev regime now also has long-range weapons such as the “Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG” cruise missiles that could potentially be armed with so-called “dirty bomb” warheads, providing the Neo-Nazi junta with an extremely dangerous weapon it wouldn’t hesitate using against Moscow. The political West believes this would be followed by Russia’s swift retribution, as the Eurasian giant would be forced to respond accordingly, resulting in a certain degradation of its thermonuclear potential, which would be strategically convenient for NATO/US. Whatever would be left of Moscow’s degraded arsenal would be a lesser threat to the political West, making the strategic balance more favorable to the belligerent power pole.

For over a year, Washington DC has been parroting accusations that Russia is supposedly planning to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. This would be a perfect excuse to deliver a nuclear device to the Kiev regime. However, despite the ludicrous claims that Moscow is losing on the battlefield, this couldn’t possibly be further from true, so it simply has no reason to use nuclear weapons. But if recent reports that the US is planning a nuclear false flag in Ukraine are correct, this too could be used as an excuse to deliver nuclear weapons to the Neo-Nazi junta or at the very least provide sensitive nuclear technologies that would enable them to make such a device. The latter scenario would probably be even more convenient for the political West.

In the aftermath of a potential nuclear exchange between Russia and the nuclear-armed Kiev regime, the US could even contemplate launching a decapitation strike that would kill the Russian leadership. And before dismissing such a possibility, we should consider the number of threats to President Putin coming from current and former top US officials. Washington DC has already tried to undermine Moscow’s strategic deterrence capabilities and has also shown cold willingness to sacrifice its vassals and satellite states by giving them a greater strategic role than they could possibly handle. America’s fear of even a single Russian weapon, let alone an entire modernized military force, is pushing it to such belligerence.

However, for its part, Moscow has clearly demonstrated that it will not allow for a scenario of localized nuclear war to take place. Russia is perfectly aware of what the US is trying to achieve in Ukraine and has repeatedly warned the belligerent thalassocracy against such moves, both through private and public channels.

The previously mentioned Putin’s statements about the adoption of US-style preemptive strike doctrine is both a message to Washington DC that Russia knows exactly what the political West is planning, as well as a stark warning that it too can do something similar. In addition, the Russian military leadership has also relayed their determination not to allow any sort of localized nuclear war and has warned that in such a scenario, the Eurasian giant would obliterate the Neo-Nazi junta’s decision-making centers – those outside of Ukraine.

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