Is there anybody out there?

I’m starting to wonder why I’m doing this again when I see statistics like these…

Views way down
Visitors way down

I have put out a ton of information this past week but as you can see its as if it doesn’t matter anymore. I ask again why bother?

No I’m not quitting but it is very frustrating. Time to take a break.


  • I have asked myself the same question several times and the scripture verse comes to my mind of the thief on the cross being saved at the last moment of his life. This simply tells me to continue until that last second myself to help that last saint find their way aboard. I heard someone say that it is not about fruitfulness (assumed successfulness), but faithfulness. Thank you Brother for your work here.

  • I don’t know why this is happening Johnny… It brings to mind a scripture… Jesus said will He find faith when He returns.. it’s a lonely road for us Johnny.

  • Just like the days of Noah, nobody wants or believes the truth. Nothing new under the sun. Keep on keeping on.

  • You should just post links to your reports on YouTube

    • I’ve already had 2 YouTube accounts of 15K plus taken down and they took it down OVER THE LINKS I PUT UP! So thanks but no thanks, I’m not going through all of that again.

  • shadow banning?
    Cloudflare involved in banning sites. jim stone faces this every day, no alexa stats for him. Right now he’s bugged out in mexico. Former NSA contractor skill set higher then snowden and he knows how to dig out data. Got hammered after his very revealing fukishima piece which is still downloadable from his site.
    So you’re not alone, many more will get shadow banned until truth becomes openly the enemy of the state.
    One thing for sure Johnny, get some R&R. Horses, outdoors, ryc.
    Fellowship with The Most High outdoors when shredding is great time for me.
    Grace and Peace to you brother….

  • I’m really sorry I lost you after yt and some other, I check email twice a year unless specific stuff is coming. I’m really glad to watch you again. Thanks a ton and I love you man. Not lgtbq love , but brotherly love in Jesus Christ. Count it all blessing when persecuted, this will build your Heavenly treasure. Hang in there

  • Hello brother, I’m here every step you take I take with you. Everything that you do I appreciate it with all the hard work that you put in bring the news the truth an just keeping us up to date on world new. I know it’s frustrating I get frustrated as well with people just keep doing what you’re doing an you will get rewarded for all your hard work. I pray for you that the most HIGH will give you the strength to endure an to cover you. Please take care of yourself 🙏🏿

  • Brother, I’ll Never Leave you !
    I might be Down, but I’m not Out 💯💪❤️🙏

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