You can’t handle the truth

I deleted my MK ultra post and I will refrain from posting the other videos I had made because most of you little babies can handle the truth! All you want to do is complain about the content.

Since I’m sick and tired of the whining and crying I will just quit reporting on it.

Some of you are NOT going to make it. Period. I’m taking a few days away. Blessings to you.



  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Hi Johnny
    I watched the movie and yes, God Bless those Souls who were innocent..i was Not surprised by Any of this . I knew unfortunately about this yrs ago..people do need to see this we are in a spiritual war like you said, and the People who can’t Handle it are and will be deceived..yes, they’re Souls are at a Huge risk if they still have one..
    Thanks Again Truth will save You

    • Yes that is a fact and I’m not sharing icky content just to be controversial, I share it because the truth is UGLY but people need to know what they’re up against. Sadly most still believe it is all going to get better. I can’t help them, I can only pray.

  • Yup, same thing I’ve encountered for 35+ years.
    No more emails or warnings sent out.
    Our society has been this way for the last 40 years.
    Only reason i retired was by God’s grace. I railed against masons warned about paper clip, technologies, patents, rolled eyes and social shunning was my reward.
    Yeah, not many will make it.
    Many are called, few are chosen.
    It’s an emotional roller coaster. From head banging frustration to , grieving for lost souls.
    Buckle up Johnny the warfare is picking up.
    Grace and peace to you brother…

  • I’ve seen some similar content recently. I didn’t watch it personally. It’s is truly a horrible topic. Many powerful people have been indoctrinated have lost contact with empathy and compassion. It would be interesting to know how medical schools and large corporations condition their employees with work place/training psychology to foster a psyche that is less human and more productive automaton, less questioning and more apt to follow orders. i.e. Some medical interns are forced to endure many hours of work, incur debt, sometimes including sleep deprivation, for extended periods of time. What effect would that have on a person who started out wanting to help others?

  • Johnny, Ecclesiastes 1:18…. For in much wisdom is much grief:and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow..
    I’m afraid so many are in serious denial as they cannot handle the truth… And yes it’s those people who will not have the mental strength to endure . But you have us who want only the truth and as I’ve.told you before… I for one appreciate you and the information you provide. I literally look forward to everything you deem important enough to post… I resonate with you and how you see things is the same as how I see them… It’s a lonely road Johnny… If others dont appreciate you… Let them not follow you… I’m afraid that those who are criticizing you are being used by the enemy to discourage you… I’m sending you my sisterly love and prayers for your peace… 🤍🕊️

  • Morning Johnny! Just wanted to let you know I believe your MK Ultra content is very useful. I have followed all of it and have a notification on Tubi when the MK Ultra movie you recommended is available. I believe during these days you cannot have too much information! Rather than complain, you can just not watch the content….just saying.

  • Jeffrey R Rocker

    Oh crap! No don’t do that brother.
    I will go on a limb,and say I would think most of us appreciate your reporting. I don’t know what was said,but don’t let the enemy win.
    God bless you Johnny.

  • Correct the ones that don’t want to hear the absolute truth are also the ones too fragile to make it.

  • Sorry about the whiners. 😢

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