• Your correct Johnny, No one gives a rip. Or ( I believe its more like) They’re all under the Grand state of Delusion, brought on by the Lord God. Blessing to you and yours (+)

  • If the Lord shows you not to file, there will be SS, no retirement, no access.

  • The other day I was in a dept store and noticed they got new credit card machines. There was a tiny camera and a picture of what looked like a QR code. I asked the cashier and a nearby manager if they were new and what that was. The manager said, yes they are new and I have no idea what that is. The cashier said, I do. I looked at her and said, I do too. We both knew. She had a look of dread as did I. I think the QR code will be the start of the cbdc somehow. Maybe for people without bank accounts? Or for people that only have cash. I don’t know but it’s coming and it’s coming fast.

  • A month ago I was in the Credit Union where I do my banking. I asked the teller what she thought about the coming Digital I. D. and Central Bank Digital Currency. She had never even heard of those and I may as well have been speaking Mandarin Chinese. It was much the same as before in speaking to people about the snake bite concerns and coming rapture.

  • not sure that it’s no one gives a rip. Yes, many are totally blind.
    But for the few of us we know, we cannot change the Lord’s will of his judgments that are here already.
    Still many cannot see this either.
    For those that read and study, this is directly related to Revelation: http://stateofthenation.co/?p=167143#more-167143
    I gave the website for its insightful global analysis. Though the video is on u-toob.

    Grace and peace to all……..
    Looks like I will also be walking away from participating on helping others on u-toob as well.
    The willful blindness, adamant stance of refusing to be a Berean and search out the wisdom given is simply off the charts.
    No longer sending out emails as was told enough. Now same for u-toob, cries for prayer and help.
    So many need spiritual deliverance as they are under bondage from generational curses and so much more.
    Yet only one has shown interest in being set free; over the last several years.
    My soul travails over the coming judgments of America. It’s here, but not yet its full display.
    So many souls perishing, even our own family. One told me on two different occasions he does not believe in God.
    So prayer and fasting is needed by us all to breaking this powerful sorcery over humanity.
    I pray break through and victory in the Spirit for all Children of The Most High.
    Grace and Peace to all.

  • The video is not working

  • I Shared this text with Everyone I’ve been trying to Warn!
    Who’s Crazy Now?

    Great Work Brother πŸ’―πŸ‘

    Copy of the text

    And My kids thought I was Crazy for trying to Warn Everyone πŸ˜”
    Am I Crazy Now?


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