The Covert War in Ukraine

Today we are going to talk about the covert or secret war going on in Ukraine between the Russians and the Khazarian Jews, a Turkic people who converted to Judaism out of necessity. What they were really practicing was Babylonian black magic aka the Babylonian Talmud.

This is where the real war is going on and it goes back over a 1,000 years as the Khazars never forgot what was lost to the Russians back in the days of the Kharzarian empire. All of this animosity broke out in 1048 AD when…

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For more details on the Khazars and what they’ve been up to since the 1870s here is a documentary about it on YouTube (surprising I know). Here is the link:

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  • Hello Johnny, Roaming is now ROME, I don’t know if you have read the gospel of Barnabas and when he talks about the animals and the spiritual meanings of them which Mozes teached about eating or not, but has an spiritual reference, the eagles explains the Kazarians also a lot of other people, they still do the same, in Europe and in my country they still do it and also your country, they talk that way in arranging their words to fool the masses, it’s everywhere, that’s why people don’t change easily, what occurs with people who try to warn others but it doesn’t come through and they stick to their culture and ways, it’s indoctrinated lies to steal Spiritual truth, they hate the Heavens, read Psalm 2, it has also to do with the Amelikites, they refer to the Amelikites and their kings, read scripture Esther and Jezus comes back for the Amelekites in other scriptures and king Saul and after that King David who saves Israel from all the people around them, strongs concordance number 91, UN van der Leyen the gift in euro’s to zelensky, when the war started, I know for sure, in my country the called their daughter after the Amelekites, female name, the king and queen, this goes very deep, they offer to Moloch and put it infront of our faces, but with a misdirection and hidden in truth and facts, they called it a suicide in that case. Hugo Talks talks about Rome in a recent video and axplains history and on Paul and Adrienne channel the man who thinks that prince charles is the antichrist is also very informative, you can link it together and combine the information with yours and what it is become in these times, roaming is ROME now in my opinion.
    Hugo Talks video :
    Paul & adrienne video, after 1 hour the interview starts about charles being antichrist and how he operates in structure:

    Here a piece of the Gospel of Barnabas:
    Barnabas 10.
    1. Now we continue what Moses said: “You may
    not eat a pig,59 or an eagle, vulture, or crow60 and
    nor fish that has no scales.”61 He had
    three principles in mind.
    2. For in Deuteronomy he saith, I lay mine
    rules in a covenant with this people.”62 So is
    it is not a rule that they are not allowed to eat, but he
    spoke in a spiritual sense.
    3. He called the pigs because you met people who
    resemble such pigs should not conspire.
    This category forgets the Lord when they abound
    but when they need something they think
    back to Him. Just like the pigs that their
    don’t know the owner, they do scream when they’re hungry
    only if they have been fed
    they are silent again.

    4. “Even the eagle, the vulture, and the crow you shall not eat.” Here
    does he mean you don’t like people like that
    must adhere. They don’t take care of themselves
    to work up a sweat, but in their falsehood
    they take the property of others and then do
    as if nothing had happened. They lurk and are
    always keen to see who they belong to
    predatory exploits. So are these birds,
    they do not feed themselves, but sit
    wait until they give the meat to another
    be able to get hold of belongings, pernicious as
    they are in their malice.

    5. ‘And you don’t like the lamprey,63 polyp64 or squid
    food,”65 he says. By this he means you don’t
    must be like these kind of men, utterly
    wicked as they are, they are already condemned. Just
    as these fish cursed are those in the deep sea
    swim, not on the surface like the rest,
    but they live at the bottom of the deep sea.
    6. “Besides, don’t eat a hare.”
    66 Why?
    Because as a man you are not allowed to have sex with
    guys and don’t have to be like such a person. Because
    every year the hare gets a hole in his body
    bee, he has as many openings as he is old
    7. And further: “You must not eat a hyena.”67 You must not eat any
    being or becoming adulterer or adulterer as such
    someone. Why? Because the hyena every year of
    gender changes, one time he is male and the
    other times he is female.
    8. Moreover, he also hated the weasel with good ones
    rode. “You shouldn’t be,” he says as the
    men who work iniquity with their mouths full
    impurity and neither do women who do the same
    with their mouth, for this animal receives through its
    9. In spirit, Moses received these three principles
    as for the lusts of the flesh, but they
    received this as if it were about eating food
    10. David received insight on the same principles and
    says, ‘Blessed is the man who is not in the council of
    the wicked sit,” compare this to the fish in the
    dark deep sea,” and walk not in the way of
    sinners,’ like the people who pretend to be
    fear the Lord, but in reality sin as
    pigs. “And sit not in the seat of scoffers,”69
    like the vultures sitting on their prey
    to wait. Here you have the full principle what
    concerns food.
    11. Again Moses says: ‘Eat everything that is split
    hoof and ruminants.”70 What does he mean
    with that? Let him who receives food be his fodder
    recognizes, is at ease with him and seems to rejoice
    when he comes. He speaks here of a commandment, what
    does he mean? Associate with those people who are in awe
    have for the Lord, which is the meaning of Being
    word which they have received in their hearts
    and who declare the commandments of the Lord
    and comply. They know that overthinking and
    fathoming the Word of the Lord a
    happy work. And what does the cleft mean
    do you have to? This means that the righteous in
    walk this world and the holy life
    December 6, 2021 © Jim Sabelis
    to expect. See how well Moses these rules
    has made.
    12. How then was it possible for them to do these things
    to see and understand? We have rightly seen
    that the commandments were told to them as God told them
    wild. That is why He has our ears and our hearts
    circumcised, so that we

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