Strange Events Going on in Indiana

Let me know what’s happening in your neck of the woods in the comments below! Information like this is what we need more of so people can see what’s going on near them.

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  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Hi Johnny
    Just took my dog in for another ear infection..this has gone on for last 3yrs..the vet said they get many dogs a week because they have seasonal allergies..some get ear infection..they lick there paws all the time..i don’t want allergy drugs so just washing paws at night…My belief is they are getting whatever is in chem trails..and is all over trees and ground..and to add to this here in Michigan I have noticed Beach trees are our woods these trees look hollowed out..big holes.. next big wind these huge trees will come down…God BLESS

  • Hi Johnny I’m Mike and I am here in Alaska . I was told by my relative up in Delta Alaska . That they will be starting in a couple days trucks hauling fuel every twenty minutes an the trucks will be running between tok Alaska and to the Base by Fairbanks . They told them that it will go on all summer and what’s really weird is Alaska roads suck but we’re all these trucks will be driving most of that highway has been repaved . And they have been flying bombers now for a week and there has been close to a dozen flying over most of the time we only have the fighter jet but now are air space has been so busy .

  • Hello Johnny, I live in michigan and have made a discovery about my dust recently. It is magnetic with an earth magnet. I scrapped the dust off my tv stand in a pile and used an earth magnet to pull that pile up off of the tv stand. This did not work with a regular fridge magnet and I use plastic to make sure it was not static electricity picking up the dust. So I have came to the conclusion that my dust as a small amount of metal particles in it. I feel crazy for even trying the experiment so I did film it and put it on my rumble channel. Here is the video of my metallic dust in my house.

  • Hi Johnny I had to listen to this video twice because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing with his animals. My cat of 7 years has been drinking so much water since March or so. It’s like she can’t get enough to drink. I’m definitely buying more litter. I thought it odd, but didn’t think much of it until now. She’s always suffered from separation anxiety, but since early 2022 she has fits of yowling if my husband and I are out of her sight. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary in our area, but we live within a 5 minute drive from Oak Ridge. I haven’t noticed anything extraordinary other than my very thirsty and anxiety ridden house cat.

  • Indiana – they are stocking up for the invasion of all the border crossers coming your way. They are giving them debit cash cards and free phones. They will be coming in and buying all that food in the isles. Look south? Well this is where they are coming from – the animals know the locust army is on its way. Just sayin.

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