Prophecy; Out of Time

I don’t usually share prophecy videos because they don’t usually ring true for me but this one is different. It’s different because most of it is exactly what I’ve been hearing and seeing for months now.

Time is speeding up and the days are being shortened for the elects sake just as Jesus said they would be. Matthew 24:22. Time is short. Spread the word while we still can! Prayed up and prepped up!

We are out of time. Repent and ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord and savior now. I will be taking a day or 2 to pray and prep myself but I will see you soon, God willing.


  • It is amazing that people can’t see that we are in the tribulation, For me is is clear as a bell. Jeremiah 4:22 says it all.

  • Tribulation has started. Most unjabbed people have health issues, the banks are collapsing, larger wars are about to kick off, immorality is “normal”, earthquakes will follow volcanic eruptions, on and on. This 5G weapon is going to be unimaginable and the persecution will be worse than has ever been. Stay close to the Father and read psalms. All that we can offer to God is our praise.

  • Silas Anderson

    My boss told me with fear in his head, that he had a strange virus in the weekend, affected him in stange ways, also his eyes.. I was thinking to myself, yet another person who has his immunsystem destroyed due to the vaccine.. so many people will die soon, that it’s hard to believe it, but it’s true, it’s reality, it’s biblical tragedy

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