The Hebraic Roots Movement and the Judiazers

What is the connection between the Hebraic Roots movement and the Judaizers condemned in the Bible? Many in Hebraic Roots would deny that they are Judaizers. Judaizers are condemned in the New Testament, and so it is reasonable that they would seek to distance themselves from those false teachers. In this video we will consider what those in the HR movement say about Judaizers and themselves, as well as compare them with what the Bible says about Judaizing.

This is something I’ve been led to share with you all because I see it dividing and destroying fellowship in Christ. My intent is not to condemn anyone but to open your eyes to the lies that surround this movement called Hebrew Roots. This movement is dangerous as it leads one back to the curse of the law and Judiazers are condemned in the New Testament.

Here is another article you can read that shows how Jesus Christ FULFILLED the law and the prophets, just as He said He would in Matthew 5:17. Four ways Jesus Fulfilled the Law of the Prophets.

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