BREAKING: Russia may launch missile strikes on Kyiv tonight

This is from the twitter thread I’ve been following this afternoon. This is what others are reporting as covert intel. Well I found it right away by doing a search. Here you go.

🚨 BREAKING: Russia may launch missile strikes on Kyiv this night. Two nuclear warheads allegedly at the airfield but not armed on the planes at this time.

Osechkin’s source: “Orders have been sent to the air bases in Engels and Shaykovka to prepare a number of TU-22Ms for flight, missile strikes could be carried out on a number of administrative buildings in Kiev during the night.”

Osechkin: “The source also claimed that for the first time nuclear weapons may be used, at least two ‘items’ are already located directly at one of the aforementioned airfields.

P.S. Details will be provided later. It is important to understand that a long-range aviation source is risking his life, namely the risk of going to prison for life. And this is not a hype or a gimmick, today everything is very serious and it is not known how it will end. We are not talking about a monkey with a grenade, we are all dealing with (or rather confronting) a dictator with nuclear weapons. And if he decides to use nuclear weapons, we hope that the pilots and specialists of the ground services of the Air Force will not carry out this criminal order.”

I’m skeptical about the drone attack on the Kremlin as there’s evidence of a false flag in this pic. Who are those guys on the roof before the explosion?

My source for the pic is at this link:

Prayed up and prepped up as always folks! This may be just another rumor but stay alert.

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  • Silas Anderson

    It could be Russias way of stopping the spring offensive.. I have a feeling it will go nuclear, like with Japan in WW2

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