Trump is NOT Playing 4D Chess, He’s Playing YOU…

As most of you know by now I believe Trump is the Antichrist and I have since 2018. Here is another video I found doing other research today that CLEARLY shows he’s not on our side or God’s side. Also has anyone checked out all of the Luciferianism in his new NFTs?

Trump posing as Savior of the world…

But of course most of his supporters still make excuses for him and say “he’s just trolling” because they’re all crazy as loons!

Last but not least here is a video that does a great job of showing you who he truly is, one of the cabal and the AC himself!

Stay tuned for the next blog about America and her true foundations and the truth about the founding fathers!

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  • I think he is the anti christ too, they are all in a BIG club and we ain’t in it.

    • Either he or Oh-Bahmah….
      Only time will tell.
      However, many have many have been told and shown it is the kid from Kenya.
      Only time will tell.
      Keep in mind the professional pulpit pimps of 30A.D. still did not know the Messiah standing before them.
      And we are no smarter…..ha…!

  • This far in and people still don’t know?
    13 colonies number pf rebeillion.
    Masonic members looking to build the new Atlantis, meaning “they” know our hidden history.
    Twitterverse world is ignorant of the 5 star position. As Above, So Below. Pointing up right hand path, pointing down left hand path.
    Ancient of Days revealed to me to remove my idols. So ALL Texas stars on our gates and barn came down. That is how much He hates idolatry!
    Its no small thing, no matter how we try to justify it.
    To the trash they went and repentance followed.

  • All I Can Say is…..

    EXACTLY 💯💯💯💯

    Soldier On brother 💪

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