“Resistance is Futile” Star Trek Picard is Predictive Programming at its Finest

The Borg are one of Star Trek the next generation‘s greatest enemies . they are cold, malevolent trans human creatures, whose only goal is to assimilate every alien being they encounter.

They achieve the assimilation of alien races that they encounter by injecting nano probes into their bloodstream. As you will see in the video below these nano probes then start changing the very DNA of the person they’re injected into and then that person becomes something more than human, and has become trans human.

Notice also in the video that the Borg queen is asking her worker to make nano probes that can be deployed over an entire planet, thereby infecting the entire species of that planet at once. They’ve been spraying nanotechnology on us for years now so they’re telling you how it’s going down!

Last, but not least don’t forget the Marburg virus that attorney Todd Calendar keeps talking about. When the 5G signal is given, and the people who have had the vaccine are activated, this Marburg virus will turn them into zombies and begin the zombie apocalypse. Also, people have had visions of the vaccinated turning on the unvaccinated once the signal has been given and yes, they will be eating the faces off of those who have not been vaccinated and then they’ll also turn on each other as well.

In the video clip, you’re about to watch, you’ll see that the Borg nano technology only affects those who are 25 and younger. I’m not saying that that’s the way it’s going to go down with the nanotechnology in the COVID jabs but those affected will turn on you according to the research I’ve done. Those links are below.

Attorney Todd Calendar and the Marburg Virus Signal

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