A New Direction

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First of all I’d like to say THANK YOU to those of you who responded with your kind comments and emails on my post “Why Do I bother anymore?” I must admit I was surprised by the response and my prayers about what to do next were answered pretty quickly. My biggest concern was APATHY, or lack of concern but I see now that isn’t the case with my subscribers, just the world at large.

The website and videos will continue but we will be going in a slightly different direction with my videos in particular. I will be much more focused (at least for now) on the spiritual war going on vs the physical ones. As I said in my last video, the war we don’t see is where the real danger lies! This is where all of the plans are formulated and agreed upon, in the dark dingy meeting places of the so called elite. It’s where they perform their rituals and commit themselves and their families to Satan and his will for gain in this life.

In the upcoming videos I will be going back to before the flood to discuss the evil that was perpetrated then and is here again now as Jesus said it would be “As in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:37. We will also focus on the tower of Babel and there I will show you how 14 families committed their bloodlines to Satan for all time! These are the same families that remain in power to this day, with changes made to the names over the centuries.

Once again, thank you for the kind words and support. Blessings to you all,



  • Dear Johnny, I didn’t respond to your previous post though I am glad you continuing with your work and exposing and talking about the things that the world is hiding. I am from Port St Johns, Eastern Cape, South Africa and I do appreciate your website. Sadly as you might or might not know, a lot of evil is going on is this beautiful country, though I suppose all of the world, currently. I’m just wanting to say thanks.Blessings in Jesus Name, Este Moll

  • Dearest Johnny,,, I’m so grateful that you have realized how much we appreciate and need your voice… I can’t impress upon you just how much you have taught us all… We who wait for every posting for years now… All truth for us truth seekers.. may God continue to strengthen and bless you. You are dearly loved …and I for one can’t wait to give you a big hug… I feel so alone and you have provided me the strength to know I’m not alone.🕊️💚

  • I salute you Brother Johnny for keeping on, and just know that there are others of us out here that get discouraged as well. When I get this way, l go straight to the Psalms and read similar feelings of “a man after God’s own heart.” Our Wonderful Father understands and provides us with encouragement throughout His Word. Remember where Elijah ended up after his great victory? Nevertheless, l am thrilled that you are focusing on what no one else wants to touch – that is, the unseen beginning to reveal itself in various ways that you will be able to inform us about. We count on your steadfastness. May our Wonderful Lord bless and keep you In The Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • God bless 🙌

  • Melissa Broadway

    God bless you brother.

  • You’ve been doing a great job! All your work is appreciated! In my busy schedule as wife, Nana, daughter and homemaker my schedule is full. But I read what I can and watch too. I’m so glad to get email notifications! Take care!!

  • Thank you Johnny for your works, By their fruits ye shall know them.

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