RUMOR of a “Bank Holiday” Coming for April 2023!

The rumor has it that the banks will shut down for a week in April as they switch over to the new “FEDNOW” digital money payment system. I said things were moving fast but now I’m finding out that they’re on STEROIDS! Prayed up and prepped up!

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  • FYI: I got a notice today from my credit union in Oregon that they will be updating their system between April 28 – May 1st and digital banking services will be unavailable after 7 pm April 28th which is a Friday!!

  • I live in The Mountains of North Carolina!!!

    I Had to call 🤙 my banking instruction

    And I know One of the Executives

    Her Exact Words

    “” Brace for Impact!!””

    I’m Not Joking!!

    She Confirmed everything that’s fixing to happen!!

    Great Work Brother 💯👍

  • What about the banks in Florida? Will they be going that way too if DeSantis said he’s not going for the digital currency and perhaps not Texas either? Can he actually prevent that, or will they shut out and simply refuse to deal with Florida unless they go digital, too?

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