Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – Welcome to the New Money Prison and the Beast System!

Yet the question remains does anyone even care??? I see nothing but apathy, especially from some who claim to be awake and aware of what’s going on. After seeing how everyone caved in for the mask mandates and the shots, I don’t think the WHO/WEF won’t have much of a problem implementing these new systems.

Because at the end of the day the powers that be will launch WW3 with nuclear weapons and the USA will be decimated. Whoever is left will be too sick and too distressed to resist the new systems being put into place. NOW is the time to prepare and of course as always, stay PRAYED up first! All of the info about the 3 key components of these new systems will be discussed in today’s video.

Main story and opening video clip

Megabank JP Morgan to launch Face recognition and palm payments

Tik Tok Ban Bill

One world BEAST System

The Fake “Great Awakening”

Former Treasury Sec. Says if the Dollar Loses Reserve Status its game over for the world economy

Kenyan President says get away from the dollar

US Politicians Urge Pentagon to send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Belarusian Mercs cause Terror back home

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  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Your right Johnny many dont understand whats coming from macro to micro levels of gov..Unbelievable…i try to share link so they get an idea and iam being negative..they have vacation and parties coming….false light already has blinded the them. They just want convience and security..
    Thanks for info take care

  • It’s Herrrreee
    Great Work Brother 💯👍

  • Stand on the rock of Christ, call on Him continually, and we will walk into the new kingdom together.

  • Today is the literal next day after you posted this….

    Guess what…

    Banks to Start limiting withdrawals!!!

    Across the board

    Brother, I stand amazed by how much you are literally, On Top of everything!!

    God bless you brother 💯

    Proverbs 3:4-6

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