“Judicial Reform” in Israel Causes Massive Unrest, Digital Money, 15 Minute Cities and More!

All of that and more are in today’s broadcast including some important updates regarding the Noahide Laws!

Rumble Version of Today’s video

Biden Executive Order

USA Supreme Court Ruling on Sabbath Days

Judicial Reform in Israel

Hezbollah Leader Says Israel near its end

Noahide World Center YouTube Channel

Noahide FB Page

Rabbi Cherki Wikipedia Page

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  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Great job as always..i always get error in browser atleast once during your video. Tonight twice..youve gotta be doing a good job ..theyre listening…lol

  • The laws have already been approved for the UN!!
    All 194 Nations. Signed the same deal, back in 2005 , and Finalized in 2015 , At the Vatican of all Places!!
    ( If I remember right )

    Everything is moving at lightning ⚑ speed

    Time is moving faster

    The financial system is fixing to completely Collapse

    A lot of people are going to die

    From forced genocide

    Everything is falling apart within the next few months, if that long

    Biden is a puppet for Trump’s Agenda!!

    We’re in a Prison, …..We Built!!

    It’s No wonder….
    Jesus called the religious …

    Viper’s and…

    “” White washed Tombs Full of Dead Men’s Bones “‘

    Great Work Brother πŸ’―

    Soldier On πŸ™

    We are the Third Temple!!
    Indeed brother πŸ’―

    The World Can keep Thier god …!!

    John 3:16
    I Corinthians 13
    Romans 10:9-10
    Proverbs 3:4-6

  • Read the works of Bertrand Comparet, and watch Truthvids 100 proofs videos. The state of Israel has nothing in common with the descendants of Jacob whose name Yahweh changed to Israel. Noahide laws mean Christians will be beheaded for idolatry, as Jews hate Christ.

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