AI chat bot claims to be a fallen angel

I’ll let the video do the talking. Wow. Keep your children far away from this evil thing!

If you can’t get the video to play it’s also on telegram.


  • I can’t get this one to play. 😇🙏

  • “” Father of all Lies “” Comes to Mind 💯

    It… Lies , While using the Truth to deceive

  • Can’t be able to play this video.

  • Just watched it. Not surprise when it comes to demonic fallen angels who follows and kisses Luficer’s ultimate narcissistic rear end in Satan’s inspired AI tech against the Almighty God.

  • This is from the YouTube page Founded Earth Brothers. I suggest everyone give them a follow. They have been putting out great videos for years.

  • This is extremely creepy..

  • That’s quantum computer divination from Jordy Rose. I pray over all young ones the blood of Christ for protection,and certainly anyone else who chooses to dabble in this technology that let’s you communicate with demons behind the veil.
    Holy smokes…this is like scary as the exorcist movie that came out when I was really young.
    Thank you for sharing this Johnny, God bless you brother.

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