NATO Colonel Says THOUSANDS of NATO Troops are already in Ukraine Fighting Russia

All of that and more is in today’s video podcast! All of the links are below.

Russia Warns about new Jets from the UK

The US and NATO attacked Nordstream Pipeline

Revolt in CIA?

NATO Colenel says Thousands of troops in Ukraine fighting

Russian Preps for Huge Offensive

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  • Here is a awesome channel that post daily of NATO build up in surrounding countries :

  • The “” Actor Z “” is Really Playing his Part ….
    Like he was “” hired “”:… to do ….
    UK is Playing Thier part….
    Germany is playing Thier part….
    Russia is definitely Playing Thier part….

    The US is getting exactly what they want….

    The People ( Everywhere )… are the Ones that…. Suffer …. The illusion of “”: Freedoms “” …… Inside the Razor Wire …..

    Plausible Deniability is a understatement brother 💯

    You have Nailed it , Again 💯

    Great Work Brother 💯

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