Examining the Personal Cost of the Covid Scam over the Last 3 Years

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Jesus said that because iniquity (wickedness and sin) will be running rampant, the love of many shall wax cold. Today’s video will show you exactly that, how this scam destroyed so many families, lifelong friendships, businesses and more.

Source Article: https://henrymakow.com/2023/02/covidscam—the-personal-toll.html

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  • Good vid, Johnny! I have sent Henry a few videos to share about the jab being the mark of the beast, and he has shared a couple, but I have yet to seem him say that it is the mark. He does a wonderful job of shining light on so many of the evils of this world, but he hasn’t chosen to follow Jesus as his Lord and Savior, yet.

  • Thank you Johnny for sticking with it for awhile longer. We have to be careful as the enemy is working through our love ones. Its a shame they are so blinded. I accomplish more by talking with strangers at the store of the time we are in. Most don’t know, but have a feeling somethings not right. I can only plant the seed. (Most have cell phones and I try and direct them to your site for more info and updates) … Thank you the encouraging video Johnny, Blessing to you and yours (+)

    • TY for Everything you do! For those who believe the plandemic wasnt a psycological operation, search ‘Moderna White Paper’ & Moderna’s Partners (their webpage shows collaborators & partners, DARPA is one of them)

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