Turkey hit with 7.8 magnitude earthquake, felt across Middle East | Fox News

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake walloped Turkey early Monday morning and the aftershocks were felt in Syria, Jordan, and Israel, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
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Earthquakes in diverse places indeed. Watch for more and more this size or bigger.



  • Clayton at the “Redacted” channel just did a story on Turkey. Because the sultan refuses entry approval of Finland into NATO due to Biden reneged on F35’s after billions was paid for them.
    So the state department decided to issue travel warnings of possible terrorist attacks in Turkey.
    Looks like HAARP was cranked up as tremors in the 4.8 range according to my app still unfolding all day.
    I pray we all are living a life of repentance because there are seven nations with this tesla technology. Russia was first in the late 50s. The Yakusa have one as well.
    The late Dr Tom Bearden had an extensive website of studies, white papers and books all documented as he was involved in free energy experiments that actually worked, and had encountered some nefarious folks.
    Many have had dreams from Yahuah that technology man has never known to exist is about to be revealed and unleashed.
    So brethren we have but one and only one hope, Jesus of Nazareth our Yahusha kinsman Redeemer !!

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