New Bills provide PRISON TIME for Vax Refusal, Vaccine Death Witness Protection Programs

All of that is in today’s video along with what the elites really think of you, God and the world. Links are below as always.

Yuval Harari Video

Chris Sky Video on Witness Protection

Prison time for no vax

Smoke and Mirrors

Bitchute Version of my video

Rumble Version of my video

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  • I came to the realization that God is that one who sends the Strong Delusion to those who love not the truth. It is an exercise in futility to try to wake some from the trance that they are in.

  • In Other Words….. The Nightmare…. Within the Nightmare….. We Thought we’d Never See!!

    Can We Even Imagine….. The Things to Come?

    FEMA Camps are Ready!!

    Read That Again folks!!

    “” Even At the Door “” is a understatement….

  • Thank you for your loving words to the lost, and your tireless efforts. They are not in vain.

  • Please hang in there Johnny. You really are making a difference. Bless you.

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