A MAJOR Earth Disaster is Coming, The Great Impact

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Evidence of Bible Prophecy being fulfilled!  Please notice June 2021, that is when the Judgment Bowls began on June 10, 2021 per Enoch True Time Calendar! 

Earth Disaster is Coming | The Great  Impact, by SuspiciousObservers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k87ncuPpy8k

Ben Davidson, SuspiciousObservers YouTube video posted on January 19, 2023, Transcribed: 

There is a Cyclical Disaster on Earth!  Unlike several aspects of the ‘full set of evidence’ about the ‘specifics’ and the ‘details’ of the Disaster, the ‘existence’ of ‘these’ Events is NOT ‘disputed’ by anyone!  They happen every 6,000 years, with a more Major Event every 12,000 years on the Double of the Cycle.

They get very hard to ‘see’ in the data before, about 45,000 years ago, but the ‘evidence’ has been ‘uncovered’, definitively, for all but the 54,000 years ago Event.  By the way, there’s NOT nothing at that time, it’s just not quite as ‘solid’ as the others.

{Tropical Hydroclimate, -6,000yr; Gothenburg/YD, -12,000yr; Hilina Pali/H1, -18,000yr; Lake Mungo/LGM/H2 , -24,000yr; Heinrich Event 3, -30,000yr; Mono Lake H4, -36,000yr; Laschamp 2/H5,    -42,000yr/Laschamp1, -48,000yr; ????, -54,000yr; Vostok/H6, -60,000yr}

You can look up any of these Events: the Gothenburg, Hilina Pali, Lake Mungo, Mono Lake, Leaschamp and Vostok MAGNETIC POLE SHIFTS, the Magnetic Excursions, the Major Heinrich or Tropical HYDRA Climate Events, as well.

We have gone over ALL of these, and if you want more information, whether it’s the Cycle Timing, the Magnetic Pole Shift, the Volcanoes, the Extinctions; HOW THE SUN & THE GALAXY are the TRIGGERS, right below this video in the description box are links to a FREE video playlist, and to our published books.

BUT, we want to go over 2 Critical Points today, that the ‘evidence’ in this Recurring Cycle can ONLY be caused by the SUN, and that the ‘existence’ of Impactors actually ‘fortifies’ that, but CANNOT stand alone as an Impactor Theory! Indeed, the ‘evidence’ suggests that Graham Hancock and Randal Carlson are still ‘missing’ a Major Piece of the Puzzle, and this Chart here is key:

Luckily, it’s very simple.  Along the left side, is the ‘published explanations’ for the Cycle that have been given over the last several decades.   Again, NOBODY DISPUTES THEY EXIST, even if most still ignore the fact that we are very much ‘due’ for the Next ONE, and are seeing ALL of the Signs we’d expect to ‘see’, to BELIEVE that we are ‘about to take’ a Major Hit to Earth again!

The offered explanations are: Volcanoes ONLY, Magnetic Excursions ONLY, Impactors, the Solar Micro Nova and Galactic Current Sheet Magnetic Reversal, and Dr. Paul LaViolette’s Galactic SuperWave Theory.

Across the top, we have all of the things that recurrently happen during the 12,000 Year Full Cycle, the Major One.  And, often in the 6,000 Year Half Cycle.  Again, that is what we laid out in full, in the opening chart of the video.

Volcanoes CANNOT explain the Magnetic Excursion, the Impactors, or the Nova Level Isotopes, which produce a problem for ALL but the Last 2 Options.  Magnetic Excursions ONLY, while they are the most prominent recurring aspect of the Cycle, the Magnetic Pole Shift, they can’t explain Impactors by themselves, or again, those Nova Level Isotopes.

The Impactors DON’T have a way to explain the Magnetic Excursions, the Pole Shifts, or those Isotopes.  And just as importantly, they DON’T have any Progressive Effects like a ‘build up’ to the Disaster, with ‘worsening & worsening’ conditions, which we are ‘seeing’ right NOW;


Going down to the bottom, next the SuperWave can provide ALL the evidence, except it’s a ‘Light Energy Event’ with NO Building Up……No Build Up Events leading to it.

We have also NEVER SEEN a SuperWave in any of the millions of Galaxies in the Universe.  This really ONLY leaves the Solar MicroNova and Galactic Magnetic Reversal of the Current Sheet.  This ONE can provide ALL the Evidence, including the Build Up, as the Current Sheet OVERCOMES the Solar System, which has been ongoing for several decades.

All the Evidence is here NOW, and the Nova Science has begun to catch up as well. It is the ONLY Thing that CHECKS ALL THE BOXES for the Recurring Disaster!

And the aspect of this that hits most people, especially the Impactor Theorists, is having questions about WHY there is a Impactor Cycle with a Solar MicroNova?  How does this provide the Impactors we see?

Well first, there has actually been a well known Impactor Cycle based on the data.  It’s pretty darn close to the 12,000 Year Major Cycle that is ‘recognized’!  It’s actually easier for the Solar MicroNova to make an Impactor Cycle, then it would be to get from Comets or Asteroids which would hit once and then they’re done!

Here is some tidbits on that point from an old video.  And at the 12,000 Year Cycle Harmonic of the Sun’s Long Cycle, there is a Solar MicroNova which makes the Isotopes & the Microtechtites, which PUSHES THE ASTROIDS FROM THEIR PATHS and makes it’s OWN IMPACTORS ‘out of’ its OWN SHEDDED SHELL as it ‘pools and congeals’ through Space!

And on top of all of this, the Solar Blast has a ‘backup’, a 2nd Option, an ‘alternate’ means of Creating ALL the very ‘same’ Impactor Evidence.

We look to the ONLY ‘extreme version’ of Sphere Magnet Field COLLAPSE ‘known’ in the Cosmos, a MAGNETAR BURST!  Where you can see here in NASA’s animation, there is an OVERCHARGING of the L-Shell Fields, and the path of least resistance of the ‘flow’ CHANGES to ARC DISCHARGE MODE, straight down!

On Earth, we have the ‘same’ Field setup, but usually, the Solar Wind is easily buffeted and deflected by our Field.

This is especially important in that region right near Earth, at our lowest level L-Shell itself, where the Field itself and the Equatorial Ion Fountain, provide as much ‘protection’ as they can.

But given the ‘severe compression’ of the Fields during even modern day,

Common Solar Storm Impacts, when the ‘greatest’ of ALL Solar Events is ‘surging’ the Fields at Maximum, while ‘compressing’ the Shells towards the Earth, there is a Major Risk of Cosmic Discharge!  And, the real World, and Lab, provide excellent ‘evidence’ for it!

Even ‘Lightning’ is well known TO BLAST OUT OF THE GROUND, and ‘other Things!

Some of the examples are fantastic, including the massive ones…..

And, the one from just this past week, which includes the ‘Melting’ aspect,

which is much more common, than you might realize, if you’ve never looked into this on the Internet.

And the Heat of the Lightning, MILLION Degrees or more,

can make the Isotopes and Microtectites in the ‘Melted’ Material,

SEEN with these Craters on every Continent!  This one was ‘discovered’ in a ‘Pipeline’ during an inspection, after Lightning ‘sensors’ went off and the systems fluctuated.  An amazing tiny Crater.

Of course those that know Billy’s Plasma Lab, know he’s an expert at Craters and making many different Geological Formations actually, using Dark Mode Glow & Arc Discharge Electricity.

A number of the ‘discharge’ video’s look like every Impact or Simulation, ever made.

So to review, ‘that’ Cycle is REAL!  And it ‘matches’ the Solar and Geomagnetic Cycles.

In Theory, a Great Magnetic Cyclical Comet ‘could exist’, but to affect the entire Solar System it would have to be HUGE!!!  And with everything ‘changing’ already NOW, it’s been changing since 1859, we still ‘see’ no Great Comet.

On the other hand, the Major Solar Event make the Impactors, and Wildfires, and Isotopes, and Microtectites, and it actually has 2 DIFFERENT WAYS to do both: both with the Shell itself, and with the Arc Discharge at a Massive Scale!

I’ll see you in the morning for the daily update!  Be safe everyone!


1) Only the Sun/Galactic Explanation Satisfies the Evidence.

2) They have Multiple Ways to Mimmic the Impactor Phenomena.” ~ Ben Davidson, SuspiciousObservers

The Cycle Is Over, Disaster Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHSoxioQtwZf1-8QeggXIVdZ-abyJXaO1

Sun Triggers Lightning, More Solar Flares/CMEs | S0 News Jan.19.2023: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC7-mz5dG60

Ben Davidson, Founder of SpaceWeatherNews, Suspicious0bservers, Observer Ranch: https://twitter.com/SunWeatherMan

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  • Jonny I appreciate the time you put into these people need to see the elite know and have known this is coming and now is here. I’ve said this was the real reason we see this war well BS WAR . Why would countries force vax their military knowing it kills if you were expecting war? If we just ponder that this whole fake war brings a different light. Putin STILL says the vax is needed, of course Xi also, Trump really loves it, YES I AM SAYING BIDENS JUST A TOOL TO KEEP US FROM SEEING THE TRUTH. Every country in the “civilized” world forced their military to take it knowing it’s going to kill them when the time comes. I know many hate ISREAL and they are the worst at forcing their people. Ask why would they want their military wiped out?
    Let’s remember TRUMP FOR SURE WORSHIPS APOLLO, THE “SUN” god , many don’t look at the big picture of why . Satan’s the “enlightened” one to them they know the power the sun’s doing but to them they think they can ride this out while they forced 75% to their graves.
    This vax is the mark understand the personal Bluetooth code each emits is “ALL” THEY NEED . They don’t need anything else inside them . Satan still needs to force us to choose that refused the mark, vax, with all the elite dying in the last 5years they already are in those bunkers.
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    On the late 70s I was forced to watch news on Sunday , then everyone watched one of the three channels that night they warned us in 50plus years we were to be hot by an asteroid they said they were building the underground bunkers and tunnels . My father said you better pay attention I’ll be dead by then but you and your kids won’t be. It was top news for 10 years but slowly it went from front Paige to back Paige. Then wiped from any news. Folks three years ago Texas deep capped all their oil and gas wells , so did most others only pumping what’s needed to keep us from knowing, two years ago monkeywerx tracked thousands of flights from America to Australia what was on those military transports? Why Australia that’s why Australia had the most severe lock downs they were keeping us worthless eaters from seeing the truth. The Bible is 100% true to those that are TRUELY saved we see something don’t add up and this exact thing is what Don Miller Waldron Indiana told me was coming the nukes were a distraction from the real truth
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