• Folks ready for this?
    Looks like a dry run for a nuclear first strike against Russia.
    So now all major air hubs will be writing up their lessons learned and submitted to some or many alphabet agencies.
    Maybe one more to fine tune.
    In case anyone not following the war, the ukes are getting demolished. I mean 25k lost in soledor the mining city. Selah for a moment.
    Russia has just set up three deputies under command of the new general on the ground there. All of their assets of modern tech are being deployed. It’s been implied NATO will have to crew the tanks because no way ukes can learn multiple platforms.
    There is little time left, maybe spring at most to finish stocking up. Our local Texas grocery stores are again showing bare shelves with copious apologies.
    And pray over you food period. mRNA jabs are now deployed for the vets to use on livestock.
    For the lukewarm Christians you are in grave peril.
    For those abiding in Christ we need to stay the course.
    March forward with spiritual warfare and storm the gates of hell!
    Grace and peace to all.

  • No coincidences here so as I was preparing a email to my brother stopped to check in on a prophecy website.
    Man this is down right spooky…….timing of it all…
    But as the news reports in Europe, Ukes are getting a pounding and will lose within three months.
    Not my opinion but Col. Mac-Gregor speaking with Judge Napalitano…whew….folks the reality of soon over here is now on my radar…

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