Has Wall Street (and big pharma) Hijacked the Vaccine Resistance Movement by Funding Pro-Vaccine Spokespeople to Speak Against COVID Vaccines?

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In today’s video I cover a really good article by Brian Shilhavy at healthimpactnews.com, probably one of the most heavily censored websites on the planet. In this article he talks about some of the “big names” in the anti Covid vaccine movement and where their funding is coming from, and in one case where the heck is it all going?

As you will see these anti covid vaxxers are still very much PRO VACCINE for the rest of the CDC schedule and one Dr. is even using a Pfizer product in their so called covid protocols! All of that and more is in today’s video podcast! The links are below. Be very careful who you trust these days and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Main story click here

Big money hidden agendas

Robert F Kennedy Party invites require covid shot

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