The Top 10 Stories for 2022

These are the top 10 stories from the website for the year 2022. I’ve ranked them in the order of their popularity. There may be one or two that you missed, so enjoy and THANK YOU FOR READING, WATCHING, LISTENING AND SHARING!

10. Chrislam Confirmed as new One World Religion at 7th World Religious Conference in Kazakhstan

09. The Zombie Apocalypse and the Kill Switch

08. Coverup Alert! Proof from the DOD Database that shows the Pentagon is pumping troops full of poison!

07. The United States has just declared it’s readiness to start a war with Russia over Ukraine

06. “Men will seek death and not find it” Graphene Oxide, Jabs and 5G Activation

05. Vaccinated Bluetooth Enabled Microchip Mark of the Beast

04. Attorney Todd Calendar Marburg will be activated in the vaccinated via 5G, FEMA Camps and mandatory shots for the unvaccinated

03. MonkeyPox Exercise from 2021 is Now Going Live! May 15, 2022 Was the Prediction and Now Look what is happening!

02. It appears there’s much more to these new LED Purple street lamps than we’ve seen so far!

And the number ONE STORY FOR THE YEAR OF 2022 IS…

01. The Secret US Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine and Georgia

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