All available Moscow air defense systems are available in shooting positions! – Russian media: “ Russia to NATO – NATO WILL BE HIT!”

I’m reposting this from warnews247 and translating it to English for you along with the war news video I did yesterday. There is now more to the story from yesterday which is why I’m posting this update. My video is about halfway down and the link to the original story with video is below as well.

For the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia has developed anti-aircraft systems around the capital, Moscow. Russian media report that it is a matter of weeks and a conflict with NATO.

According to the Russians, NATO ground forces are preparing to enter Western Ukraine to escape total destruction.

The move, according to Moscow, will not prevent the Russian Army from entering Western Ukraine. When that happens, NATO and Russian forces will face it.

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In this context, the passengers of a suburban train heading to Moscow were left speechless when they realized the Moscow.

Passengers were able to record videos on a mobile phone showing several anti-aircraft systems being developed in Verey.

The information speaks of several Pantsir S-1 and other S-300, S-400 systems…

The entire anti-aircraft umbrella of the Russian capital is on alert.

*Johnny’s Comment* We covered this in our video on wars/rumors of war yesterday. That video is below.

We remind you that the Russian authorities are equipping the shelters that exist in the apartment buildings and in the shopping malls in the Moscow region. This was stated in the plenary session of the Duma of the Moscow region by the head of the regional administration of the Ministry of Emergency Affairs.

MP Oleg Emilianov asked Polyetikin during the plenary session about the situation of the shelters in the district of Ramesnicki.

Responding, Poletikin said that « shelters in apartment buildings » in relation to the events that are taking place now in Ukraine, « provide protection to the population from missiles, bombs and artillery shells.

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“ Direct confrontation between Russia and NATO is a matter of weeks ”

Boris Karpov, director of documentary and author of the well-known Telegram Chronicles of Russia channel, stressed:

“ NATO fears that Russia will launch a « general attack » that will destroy the Ukrainian army not only in the South.

The NATO leadership does not even doubt that the Russian units near the Belarusian-Ukraine border will strike from the beginning.

NATO has always been very clear: Ukraine WILL NOT LOSE. Thus, the only solution for Washington is to develop troops in Ukraine in the hope that this will stop the Russian.

They hope that Vladimir Putin will not want to deal with NATO immediately with the possible data of the possible ( nuclear ) consequences, and.

What do they say about the French?

The French army is currently divided into three groups:

  1. Officers who have never seen a war up close.
  2. Those who want to remain neutral because they believe it is better for the French army to protect the interests.
  3. Those who believe that this conflict is not about the French and does not need to interfere in it.

Meanwhile, high-intensity warfare preparations have been underway in France since March. They first took place in Central France on military bases in sparsely populated areas. French soldiers are now practicing in civil battle.

As for President Macron’s statements that he would like the conflict to end through peaceful negotiations, French officers believe it is just a pretext to give the United States and the EU time to replenish their reserves.

Indeed, Angela Merkel’s recent confessions have already made it clear to everyone that NATO is not interested in peaceful negotiations. Putin is not going to swallow the same bait again.

In general, no matter what politicians plan, the French army is not willing to fight against Russia.

In contrast, governments in Europe and the United States want to get involved in the war as the economic crisis in Western countries has a.

A state of war would lead to the establishment of martial law and total control of the population. 

Why are we talking about Russia-NATO war;

Analysts have two theories on the subject:

  1. NATO’s entry into the war will immediately force Moscow to capitulate to fear. Western countries will then gain access to the resources of weakened Russia and President Putin will disappear from the international scene.
  2. The alliance fears Russia’s impending general attack on Ukraine and thus tries to prevent it.

This is a very deadly scenario, and NATO administration knows it

Here is the link to the original story with video of the anti-aircraft missiles being set up outside of Moscow.

Johnny’s Commentary

There it is everyone, WW3 staring us in the face. It’s only a matter of time before the full force of the Russian invasion begins and the rumors are THIS WEEKEND, during the Christmas Holiday which isn’t observed in Orthodox Russia. Once again that could be a rumor, however there are a LOT of Russian troops and a ton of Russian armor and artillery sitting on go in Belarus, as we reported to you yesterday.

When you look at the preparations that have been made by Russia and the fact that NATO won’t let Ukraine fail it shows you that the war will expand, it has to with both sides making these moves. The only questions that remain are how fast will it expand and when will both sides start lobbing nuclear weapons?

As I’ve reported previously both the US and Russia have changed their nuclear war doctrines now, Russia’s most recently in response to the US and NATO and those war doctrines allow for “first use” in the event of a war between NATO and Russia.

Well the Christmas weekend (in the West) is here and now we wait. In the meantime keep praying and keep prepping. Blessings to you all,


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