Kiev regime a loose cannon

Are they really a “loose cannon” or are they following orders and the script? Either way it doesn’t bode well for the world at large. Prayed up and prepped up. Johnny

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The Western mainstream propaganda machine’s narrative on Ukraine has been decidedly one-sided ever since Russia launched its counteroffensive. However, even within this media framework, there are moments which reveal the Kiev regime’s proneness to uncontrollable escalation.

On December 17, the New York Times published a lengthy analysis of the last ten months of the conflict. Buried deep within the usual echo chamber of Russophobic rambling, the piece makes a startling claim that the Kiev regime forces tried to assassinate General Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. The report cites American officials claiming that the Neo-Nazi junta’s military and intelligence attempted a joint operation to kill Gerasimov, despite the alleged objections by the United States. Supposedly, the US urged against such actions due to unpredictable consequences, fearing how Russia would respond.

To make matters worse, the NYT claims that the alleged attempt to conduct the “decapitation strike” on Russia’s highest ranking military official happened while Washington DC was pleading for Kiev to call off the attack, only for the US officials to find out they already launched it. The report claims that the clandestine operation happened in late April, a time when many unnamed US officials were bragging about how American intelligence services were giving the Kiev regime critical information on the whereabouts of high-ranking Russian military officers, enabling high-precision strikes which allegedly killed at least 12 Russian generals. Moscow’s top military brass supposedly decided it was necessary for generals to visit the frontlines, but that they “made a deadly mistake” by positioning themselves near communications equipment, making them “easy to find”.

“Ukraine started killing Russian generals, yet the risky Russian visits to the front lines continued. Finally, in late April, the Russian chief of the general staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, made secret plans to go himself,” the NYT claims, adding that the US knew of the “secret” visit in real-time, “leading to an [alleged] dilemma of whether to share the information with the Ukrainians”. The NYT sources insist the US “kept the information from the Ukrainians, worried they would strike.” The report claims that the main concern for America was the increased likelihood of direct clash between nuclear-armed Russia and the US. However, as per NYT, “the Ukrainians learned of the general’s plans anyway, putting the Americans in a bind. After checking with the White House, senior American officials asked the Ukrainians to call off the attack.”

“We told them not to do it,” a senior American official was quoted as saying and then added: “We were like, ‘Hey, that’s too much.'” Still, it was too late, as the Kiev regime forces informed their US counterparts that the attack has already been launched. Obviously, Gerasimov wasn’t killed in the alleged strike, but if true, the claims are a mind-blowing revelation indicating just how dangerous it is to support extremists of any kind to further one’s agenda. Without dozens of billions of dollars in Western (particularly US) “aid”, the Kiev regime would have fallen by now, meaning the US responsibility for such occurrences is absolute. Although it’s certainly not the first time for Washington DC to “create a mess and then just leave”, as Hillary Clinton once admitted, this time however, the stakes are (quite literally) of planetary proportions.

The claims that Americans tried to prevent the alleged attack are also questionable at best. This is especially true when taking into account the openly stated goals of the US top brass, including the Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin who openly stated that the end goal of America’s actions in Ukraine is to see a greatly weakened Russia. “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree it cannot do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine,” Austin stated in late April. And yet, if the US indeed attempted to stop the Kiev regime, but was unsuccessful, it would be a dangerous indicator that the Neo-Nazi junta is essentially a “loose cannon” putting the entire world in danger. However, support for such extremists continues unabated and there are no signs the US is planning to halt or even reduce the amount of so-called “aid”.

Just how keen the Kiev regime is to continue with hostilities can be seen in their outburst of anger at Henry Kissinger, who recently “dared” to suggest that the world-ending thermonuclear war is not “such a good idea”. His op-ed in The Spectator was dismissed as “appeasing the aggressor”. The 99-year old former (First) Cold War-era US Secretary of State was accused of “not understanding anything”, even though he’s still one of the world’s most experienced diplomats and geopolitical experts. This only strengthens the point that the Kiev regime will continue escalating the conflict without check, completely disregarding the consequences their actions could have on the global security.

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