How dark magic & alchemy is used on the general public by the high wizards and warlocks of the global cabal –

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This is a Twitter thread I stumbled across a couple of weeks ago and I’m just now getting back to reporting on it. I decided the best way is to simply repost the entire thread here on the website and let you guys dig into it from there.

This thread is all about the spells they cast upon an unsuspecting public in order to keep us in the dark and deceived as to their true motives. From McDonalds food we eat to the entertainment we consume everything has a dark purpose for them (the freemasons, Jesuits, Zionists and the families in charge). This thread will expose that and I urge you to share this with others who probably don’t know this stuff either!

There are many reasons Paul said to not be conformed to this world and now you will see a few of those reasons.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2

There you go, a report from the dark side where all of the evil secrets lie. Nothing is ever as it seems when we see big stories in the news, there’s always an underlying agenda and they brainwash, cast spells and poison us at every turn.

Make sure that you read every single label on the food that you eat AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PRAY OVER YOUR FOOD! Remember that even if you grow all of your own food they’re still spraying nasty stuff on us from the skies everyday so make sure to PRAY!

God bless and please share with those you love, especially those who consume this garbage! Warn them one more time.

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  • VERY Well Done brother 💯
    Connecting the “”Reality”” Dots Indeed !! 💯
    This Rabbit hole ….. Goes So Deep!!

    Everyone NEEDS to KNOW how EVIL And Deceptive , …. The Illusion Goes ….

    When I realized all of this, a while back…

    I Stopped Eating Out and Drinking ANYTHING that’s Mass produced!!

    Good ‘ol apple Cider, And Filtered water 💦
    Green Tea ☕ And So forth….

    The People in This Country have been Deceived for Decades…..

    Including Myself , being Honest!!

    Now, We have Graphene Particles in The Air we breath, Food, and Water 💦

    Which Connects with the V ax , Genocide Underway!!

    All of this Is Connected with Everything Else Taking Place!!

    Great Work Brother 💯

    Great Work 💯❤️🙏👍

  • Been studying this for 30 years. Mikkie D meat tested to have human DNA. Digest that one for a moment!!!
    Pepsi, K protein from aborted baby.
    EVERYTHING in corporate America is an occultic symbol designed to call upon their gods.
    EXXON with the double XX another example, Target is the male/female symbol. See the Vatican obelisk with the large circle around it.
    On and on it goes. The Jesuit spiritual exercises are real. As a 14th degree Rosicrucian initiate (August 1969) I called a demon up as St. Vincent DePaul. That one moment set my life for a path of destruction. Only by looking back can I see the hand of Yah protecting me until the day he called upon me and was (August 1990) born again!
    I get very short tempered when discussing the realities of the dark world with religious ignoramus people.
    I’ve seen an lived the evil it does and harm it does to others. In fact at this moment We have family where one is a new apprentice wiccan. Nephew’s dad has ‘666’ tattooed and their house is full of skull and bones cups, pictures, flags etc. And they are physically dying from diabetes and now the new flu shot they took that has the mRNA in it!
    I have witnessed to them for years.. They are on my prayer list, I will not give up.
    The kingdom of darkness has greater and more devout followers then Yah has. They pray and fast as well.
    Our prayer should be before Father to raise up an army of intercessors, warriors not afraid of a fight with the dark powers. I despise the works of darkness and will continue to stand against them.
    For greater is he that is in me then he that is in this world.
    For the ignorant people that don’t believe mock to your own peril. TV is ALL about colors, signs symbols and baphomet hand gestures. It is one 24/7 witchcraft ritual performed with beautiful women and handsome men smiling as they cast spells upon an unsuspecting world.
    This is why people perish for a lack of knowledge.
    We are told to expose the works of darkness Ephesian 5:11 11And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
    Father quicken us to the reality of the world we live in. Stir us up Father to fight the good fight of faith in Yahusha’s name.
    As the enemy comes in like a flood Father raise up a standard against them!!!

    Grace and Peace to all..
    Maranatha Yah, come even now come…!!

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