Zelensky Fears for his overthrow: Pogrom of persecution with dozens of raids on temples & monasteries – Outlaw the Orthodox Church under Moscow

There is great rage in Moscow for this move and they say Zelensky and his gang will be the first to hang. Well I doubt he’s anywhere near Kiev at the moment and is probably in Poland. Here is more on the story from warnews 247, translated from Greek for your convenience.

Russia has provoked new move by Ukrainian President V. Zelensky to outlaw the Orthodox Church under Moscow SBU Secret Service for dozens of raids on Orthodox temples, religious institutions and monasteries.

SBU even raided the 1,000-year-old Orthodox monastery of Kiev’s Lavra Petsersk! 

Officially, the Ukrainian security services were looking for saboteurs among the priests. The Ukrainian security service SBU has questioned dozens of senior clergymen, submitting some of them to an electronic test.

More than 30 priests have been arrested for channeling information to Russians.

The Ukrainian service said in a statement that « identify printed material that denies the existence of a native Ukrainian population, Ukrainian and disputes the right of Foreign Affairs..

We are now talking about the Zelensky-Putin war to the end. Several Russian officials are now speaking openly about the need for the Ukrainian president to leave the middle in any way before destroying the entire hustle and bustle.

Zelensky and the Ukrainian leadership are afraid of internal affairs. This is the conclusion that many Russian analysts conclude and it makes sense. The Ukrainian Army has tens of thousands dead, over 130,000, is without water, heating, etc. and without any possibility of recovery.

The Orthodox Church is outlawed

A law banning the operation of churches in Ukraine under the Moscow Patriarchate is being prepared by the government of Volon.

Many parishioners, mainly in eastern Ukraine, remained under the umbrella of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, but officially severed ties with the Russian Orthodox Church in May due to the invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless, Kiev is concerned that the latter will continue to facilitate the infiltration of Moscow agents into the rear.

And so, in the context of the repression of churches associated with Moscow, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council urges the country government to draft the law after the implementation of in the middle of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The security council also ordered investigations into suspects « subversive activities of Russian special services in the religious environment of Ukraine » and demanded sanctions against undetermined individuals.

The Autocephalous Orthodox Church

As Zelensky pointed out, he has already been instructed to investigate the operation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church ( Moscow Patriarchate ), « will be taken under law ».

However, the Ukrainian president did not specify how the new law would work, if – for example – this ecclesiastical structure would judge, while many academics believe that its implementation could encounter many legal obstacles.

« For centuries the ancient Ukrainian branch of the church belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church based in Moscow. The head of the Russian Church, Patriarch Cyril, is closely linked to the Russian president, whose long term he has called “, complete the New York Times.

« However, this branch of Orthodoxy is losing supporters at a rapid pace, and many Ukrainians have now joined a newer Orthodox Church, created specifically to be independent and not to report to Moscow ».

Orthodox Christians make up most of Ukraine’s 43 million population for years. However, in 2019, the leaders of Orthodoxy officially recognized the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine, resulting in the break-up in the Orthodox community of Ukraine among those who are still loyal to Moscow.

Statements by B. Zelensky

In a televised speech on Thursday, the Ukrainian president said the bill « will make it impossible for religious organizations to maintain ties with influence centers in the Russian Federation to operate in Ukrainian territory.

We will guarantee spiritual independence and will not allow Russia to manipulate Ukrainians and undermine them. We will not allow anyone to build an empire in the Ukrainian soul ».

However, the Ukrainian president did not explain how such a law is going to actually open up and liberal issues.

Russia’s reaction was strong. A Russian church spokesman, Vladimir Legoida, wrote in the Telegram that Zelenski’s proposal violates both international law and.

Medvedev said « today’s Ukrainian authorities have openly become enemies of Christ and the Orthodox faith ».

Irritability and liberalism

The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees « the right to freedom of personal philosophy and religion », including the right « perform religious ceremonies and rituals alone or collectively and without restrictions and engage in religious activity ». But it also allows for restrictions on this right « in the interest of public order protection ».

If Ukraine outlaws a religious group, it will be among dozens of countries that have done so, but most are authoritarian states far from the kind of liberal democracy that Ukraine is defending.

Recently, Russian television predicted that something would happen soon to Ukrainian President V. Zelenski.

As mentioned:

« The title of today’s conversation should be ‘ we should look for justice ’.

Zelensky and his circle should be the first to be hanged.

Zelensky must remember the story. He and his circle must keep the memoirs of Pavel Sudoplatov in their offices. Their future is described in them – accurately.

In the future, we may need to chase them around the world.

I am sure that all of them have been given guarantees by the British and American secret services ».

Read the original in Greek with videos: https://warnews247.gr/fovoi-zelenski-gia-anatropi-ek-ton-eso-dekades-efodoi-se-naous-monastiria-ektos-nomou-i-orthodoxi-ekklisia-pou-ypagetai-sti-moscha/

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