• Ah yes saw Dallas to admit to the mormonism the other day. The lukewarm jesus has been bothering me about many places for a while. Its the hopium being preached now everywhere

    • Believers all around me here are watching this stupid show. I tell them about the Mormonism and they just give me a blank stare…

      • I had a Really bad feeling about this…
        I haven’t Watched…. One minute of this illusion and Lie

        The Holy Spirit has Kept me from being Lured into it….. Since Day One

        Know them by Thier fruits
        This Series is absolute Deception from the Truth Indeed 💯

        Evil work!!

        Keep the Truth Coming brother

  • Had no idea what this was. Winding down from a 600 mile trip home i check my feed.
    This came up.
    With great detail as to why NO born again believer should watch this.
    Please share to help others learn.

  • I will not watch this anymore than I watch most things these days. Turn off your devices in January and be free again to live the reality before you not the reality they create for you on social media…its time to realize nobody is going to help anyone it is the end of America as we knew it….It takes more than prayer to save a nation…but praying comes first…sadly nobody ever got off their knees to save the children….When God comes He will come only for them.

    • Sadly,….. There were Never Enough actually…. On Our Knees …. To begin with….

      Think about it….

      It Seems that…. Only When a Serious Disaster happens …

      Then We Are On Our Knees!!

      I’ve Come to realize just how True this is…..

      In My Own life 💯

      Prayer without Faith is Dead

      We Need to be Honest with Ourselves

      And Seek the Face of God

      • That is what I have always sought. Yet amid a world of flesh and blood I think God demands us to fight for and with those who suffer from crimes against humanity. Would you kneel and pray and not help someone in this type need? My Father made me a warrior. In His name I fight against flesh and bones to save His children. Would Jesus only kneel to pray or would He stand upright in our Fathers name to face down evil. Anything less than this in my heart is saving yourself in hope Gid saves you while the children continue or who never you may know continues suffering crimes against their humanity? God says we are to love Him. I see Him in each child and each victim denied human rights. Who saves them while you wait for God to save you?

      • I replied if you did not get it I will resend

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