“Biological Computers that Work at the Molecular DNA Level” A Body for the BEAST!

How Many Ways do we Have to Show you that the Jab is the Mark of the Beast???

It’s NOT about spike proteins nor does it have anything to do with a virus, this jab is about CHANGING who you are at the core, your DNA with it’s own unique frequency that GOD put there! The devil knows his time is short so he has set about at either killing us all off with his shot or changing and then CONTROLLING everything you do including making you bow down to the BEAST.

Here is an excellent video that Daniel put together at his channel Logic before Authority on YouTube. As he puts in the captions the people in the video that describe this technology as something good for mankind so they can cure diseases like cancer are all LIARS! Think of them as you would Bill Gates, something to be abhorred, not admired!

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