2022 End of Year Funding for Don’t Speak News

It’s that time again but this time it’s for funding us through the end of the year so the amount is a bit higher and I will let this one run until Dec. 31st.

2022 was one heck of a wild ride and 2023 will be even more intense! Help keep us going into the new year so we can keep getting you the news we’re NOT SUPPOSED TO SPEAK ABOUT!

God bless you all and thank you, without you guys we wouldn’t be able to stick around!

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  • Folks, Now is the time to get in the Fight!!

    Truth ….. Is The battlefield

    Listen to Your heart….

    The Reward is Not of This World…

    Our Reward is to be able to ….
    Lay at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ 💯

    Now is the time to get in the fight for the Truth Indeed 💯

    Let’s Thank God for this Website!!

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