The Jabbed AND THE UNJABBED Have This in their Blood! They are Spraying Graphene on us and new Insights on Shedding!

Today I will let my video do the talking but I put a TON OF INFORMATION and hard work into this one. Please share this far and wide. I will put all of the links to the information below including Richie from Boston’s full video.

Bitchute Version of Today’s Video Click Here!

Bluetooth Microchip Video w Leeland Jones

Dr. Pierre Gilbert Video From 1995

New Insights on Shedding and more with Dr. Ana

Scotland Rolling out Digital ID Platform

US Law/Code on Emergency Use Authorizations, this is why they don’t stop the shots!

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  • Turn your porch light On and See the haze in the light!!
    Look up at street lights!! Haze in the light!!

    When I get groceries…..
    Google asks me If I’m satisfied with my purchases!!! I’m like…. Wow 😳

    My phone 🤳 automatically turns on my blue tooth!!
    I have to Turn it off daily!!

    All I Can Say is…..
    I’m So Thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ…
    How Lost I would be!!

    I Agree fully with the Fact that you have been Predestined to do this 💯

    What a blessing brother 💯

    Thank You for Taking a Stand brother 💯❤️🙏

    Folks , Don’t forget to Buy a Cup of Course 😊
    It’s really Easy to do 💯
    Get into the Battle….
    Support the Truth Indeed 💯

  • Not to start an argument but doesn’t a person have to choose to be vaxxed ie take the mark of the beast? What about those who refuse it but have this “dust “ dumped on them – that’s not a choice? I do agree that governments are forcing this on us though and I find your reporting thought provoking. I am not vaxxed and am putting all my trust and hope in JC. Thanks for your work.

    • In order for any of it to have an effect on your eternity you have to

      • Take it voluntarily. Them spraying it on us can make us sick which is why we have to stay on top of our spiritual and physical health at all times. “ be sober and vigilant for your adversary the devil roams about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour”

    • Yes, the Mark must be taken voluntary, a denunciation and rejection of Jesus Christ must be made (taking the shot could imply this but I truly believe it must be professed), an allegiance to the Anti-Christ be made (again, I think this must be professed – the enemy has a huge ego and wants to be praised), and the mark must be manifest on the forehead or right hand (this could be physical, spiritual, or both). There is much more to all of this and I believe this virus and DNA manipulation is part of the enemy’s grand scheme but it is not all of it. There is a physical manifestation of this evil that will come from the spiritual realm. We think we know but we don’t and our Father has not fully revealed it to us yet but He is slowly beginning to help us see it. Please keep in mind that anything from the spiritual realm has a profound effect on our physical bodies and makes us very weak when exposed to it. It’s one of the reasons we get so weak in the presence of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. His perfection of holiness and power is too much for us. Put on the whole armor of God, fast, and pray! Be holy as He is holy! None of these things the enemy does will effect you if you do this! Remember, greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world!

  • They kill our body, but they can’t take our soul. Pray over our food, ask God bless it then have faith. He will not let things harm us, have faith.

  • This confirms my thinking, I am 47 healty weight no health issues, no jab, but June I had a stroke in my eye, Dr could not explain, have no high blood pressure and all my blood test came back normal. Almost lost my sight, went on the carnivore diet and feeling great. Then my Son 15 years, healty very active no jab had a extream alergic reaction, after many tests as we were testing for everything his blood test also showed clotting and he was covid positive . He had a histamine reaction to this thing , could not believe it, he looked like a balloon. I gave him a good detox and aged garlic for a while and he’s doing good. It’s just confirmation this stuff is in all of us . Crazy times , thanks for all the hard work, warm greetings from South Africa

  • I agree bur highly doubt that graphene can transfer from lungs to bloodstream! This is who wetdream.They are also spraying here like crazy in last 24 months.And …ditch your ciafbi applephones! Best regards.Resistance Croatia.

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