Poland and the Baltics plan to drag NATO into Ukrainian conflict – American military expert

Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

A deadly missile explosion in Przewodow, Poland, has recently raised fears about the possibility of NATO’s direct military involvement in the conflict. As the alliance’s norms provide that an attack on any of its members must be collectively responded to, debates began to arise around the possibility of calling NATO to respond militarily to the bombing on the border. Hours after the investigation began, the Polish and American governments concluded that the missile that hit Przewodow was of Ukrainian origin.

In theory, this conclusion should be enough to discourage any form of NATO hostility to Russia. Either the alliance should unite against Ukraine itself, since it is the perpetrator of the attack, or it should simply refrain from military responses, in case it was proven that the bombing was unintentional. However, the attitude so far has been different: NATO continues to blame Russia, despite the Ukrainian origin of the equipment.

Some analysts believe that NATO’s credibility is being severely affected by this case. The Organization increasingly seems to want to escalate the war at any cost, which is why it would be seeking to attribute responsibility to Russia for something that it evidently cannot be blamed for. This bellicose and extremely irrational anti-Russian position is stronger in the eastern European countries that are part of the alliance, such as Poland itself and the Baltics. These states have embraced the anti-Russian paranoia more fervently than the US itself, which is why they have incessantly clamored for NATO intervention.

This is the opinion, for example, of military expert and former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, who spoke in an interview about the unjustifiable attempts by these countries to involve NATO in a direct war against Russia:

“Poland together with the Baltic states were screaming for NATO to consider Article 5 and Article 4 procedures – in effect asking, demanding that NATO interfere in the Ukraine conflict (…) This tells you that these nations, Poland and the Baltic states, are operating on a hair trigger, that they are leaning forward when it comes to seeking any excuse to escalate the conflict in Ukraine so that NATO gets involved (…) And indeed, it appears that even though it’s now acknowledged that the missiles that hit Poland were Ukrainian S-300 air defense missiles, the blame is being shifted to Russia by these and other NATO players who claim that these missiles would never have been fired if it were not for Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. Therefore, Russia is to blame. And now they’re using this as an excuse to begin a larger discussion about air defense in Poland, air defense capabilities that would have the potential of reaching into Ukraine. So this in itself is an escalation”.

Scott Ritter’s words seem very accurate, considering there has been – and is still happening – utterly irresponsible agitation to bring NATO into the conflict. The narrative that Russia is to blame for the mere fact of starting its special military operation in February is obviously stupid and should not be used to try to justify military operations that put international security at risk. However, for some countries, such as Poland and the Baltics, what seems to interest them is making war against Russia at any cost.

The analyst also stresses the destabilizing role of the Western media. According to him, the big Western outlets work together with NATO governments to produce narratives that contribute to escalations in the conflict against Russia. For him, the media does not act independently or committed to the truth, but as an industry of false information, focused on developing justifications for the West’s anti-Russian interests. The aim is to blame Russia for all war crimes, territorial violations, civilian deaths and accidents, thus demanding foreign intervention.

“The media has long ago stopped asking the relevant questions. It’s not up to the media to wait for Poland to make a decision about the kind of missile that struck. The media is supposed to be able to carry out [an] independent investigation. Any expert on Russian military hardware could have seen, simply by looking at the debris, that these were S-300 missiles that belonged to Ukraine. This is something that the media should have reported and could have reported, but instead they got involved in the hype blaming Russia. Blame Russia first and then help turn that blame into an argument for intervention. The media was literally working with the Polish and Baltic authorities to try and manufacture a case for NATO intervention. You can’t rehabilitate that”, he said.

In fact, once again, military experts analyze the conflict rationally and point out the obvious reality: the NATO-Kiev axis acts in a destabilizing manner and threatens global security. The attitude of Poland and the Baltics needs to be condemned by international society and all forms of warmongering speech based on hate and anti-Russian racism immediately repelled.

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