The Days of Noah Part 2; DARPA and Friends Play God with Genetic Bioweapons

Redesign of Life

Covid19 was a worldwide drill/hoax designed to coerce the world into taking the genetic therapy shots. Of course they knew that it would also kill off a great many “undesirables” such as the sick and the elderly who are, in their eyes, too much of a burden on society or “useless eaters”.

In today’s video I will show you research from a BANNED video from the old Don’t Speak News YouTube Channel. This goes back to the spring of 2018 and shows you how my research was guiding me to the truth even back then. Little did I know that I would experience this nanotech/snake venom poison called Covid19 firsthand in the spring of 2020. When I prayed back then about what it was that hit me I was told to look deeper into nanotechnology. That opened the door to hydrogel, luciferase, and much more.

Here is today’s video with links back to other valuable research I’ve done on this subject. Keep in mind this is their endgame and Russia and China are in on the game as well. Always remember NEVER put your trust in men or their religion called science. Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save. Psalm 146:3

Bitchute Version of my Video

Transhumanism and Christians

DARPA Playing God

How the Mark of the Beast will Overwrite the Human Genome

Operation Warp Speed

Days of Noah Part 1 Corruption of the Gene Pool

The Nephilim What made them so corrupt?

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  • I trust God my Father first and foremost. He did not put us here on this earth to remain untrusting one another. If you can not trust those in your life walk away until you find human beings again. This world is in short supply of humanity. It is my goal to seek out those few left to just find comfort from this world.

  • Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman shows in the 70’s.

  • Talk about you being a breath of fresh air to us all. I will need to watch and go over this information a few more times to just gather it. This information is so important in understanding what really is happening right now on a global scale right before our eyes. I dont know how many prophecies must be fullfilled before the coming of our precious Lord Jesus but it can’t be too many more days when it is done. Thank you for all you hard work in keeping us informed. God bless you Johnny Storm and your family.

  • Johnny Storm, first off Thank You! for what you do. I know it seems thankless, but it is worth it and God is storing your reward in Heaven – trust me. Also, I want to make sure you are aware of the “Sword of God” Channel on YouTube. The revelations they receive from the Holy Spirit are amazing. Let’s end our time here strong! God Bless you Brother, you are doing an amazing job and I appreciate your work!

  • Wow 😳 This brings back Memories brother 💯
    We were called Conspiracy Theorists back then lol 🤣
    Great work brother 💯

  • Great work! It’s interesting to note that; regarding Jacob’s Dream in Genesis 28:10-15; he dreamt of Angels going up-and-down a ladder that reached to heaven….if you take a ladder, and twist it, you get a stand of DNA. Look at what they’re changing right now=tells us where we are in the stream of time.

  • Thanks Johnny for an interesting post! I also think it`s the mark since two years ago, I wonder what will happen to everyone who has taken it! Will they live into the millenium? It takes probably several generations to remove damaged and contaminated dna or it becomes a mixture between people?

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