Israel is Forming the Most Right Wing Government in it’s History with Netanyahu Victory!

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This is all being set up for their false Messiah to make his appearance! Prayed up and prepped up guys! Here is more on the story by warnews 247,translated from Greek for your convenience. (PS I wouldn’t be able to read this story without my Express VPN! Click here to learn more.)

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu will almost certainly be Israel’s next prime minister after about 90 percent of the votes in the Nov. 2, 2022 election are counted, Central Election Commission data shows.

After Tuesday’s parliamentary election, Israeli television networks gave Netanyahu’s Likud and its allies – the ultra-Orthodox parties and far-right “Religious Zionism” – 62 seats, one more than they need to have a majority in the Knesset.

Then the Electoral Commission began to slowly announce the first results, confirming this trend.

This morning, with 93.3% of the vote counted, Netanyahu’s “coalition of the right” has 65 seats – 32 for Likud, 19 for the ultra-Orthodox parties and 14 for the far right – and is on course to form the most right-wing government in the country. history of Israel, according to analysts.

And now Israel’s foreign policy is changing dramatically.

The large majority of the new Israeli government has a negative attitude towards RT Erdogan and Turkey. Gradually the recent attempt at rapprochement attempted by the Lapid-Ganj government with Ankara will be put on the sidelines.

A new episode with Turkey over the Palestinians is now very likely. This is evidenced by the statements of the Palestinian prime minister.

Problems are also expected with the Biden administration. M. Netanyahu radically disagrees with many American policies.

Netanyahu has vowed to cancel the maritime delimitation agreement recently signed by Israel and Lebanon after US mediation. However, many analysts believe that these announcements by Netanyahu were mainly of a pre-election nature and that he is not going to proceed with such a move post-election.

On the front of the attitude that a future government under Netanyahu will take towards Iran and Russia, no significant changes are expected.

The seats

Netanyahu’s governing coalition will consist of 65 seats while Lapid’s bloc will have 50 and Hadash-Ta’al will have five.

The results with 90% of the votes counted are: Likud 32, Yesh Atid 24, Religious Zionism Party (RZP) 14, National Unity 12, Shas 11, United Torah Judaism (UTJ) eight, Yisrael Beytenu five, Ra’am five, Hadash-Taal five and Labor four.

Among the highlights of the evening was the performance of the “Religious Zionism” faction, which is on its way to doubling its power, electing 14 deputies.

The left-wing Meretz party is currently short of the minimum 3.25% required to win Knesset representation, with 3.2%.

The opposition Arab Balad party is also close to the mark with 3.04% of the total vote.

The Islamist Ra’am party, which is projected to win four seats according to exit polls, is currently well above the electoral threshold with 4.33%, according to the current count, as is Hadash-Ta’al with 3.91%

Yair Lapid’s government has “reached its end”, far-right leader Itamar Ben Gvir said. “The time has come to return safety to the streets, to restore order, to show who’s boss, the time has come to kill a terrorist who launches an attack,” he stressed, after the police announcement that he had killed a Palestinian who attacked and injured three police officers in the Old City of Jerusalem.


Lapid, who celebrates his 59th birthday at the weekend, last year formed a motley coalition that included parties of the right, the left, the center as well as an Arab one, aimed at ousting Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

“Bibi” did not leave politics as his opponents would have liked, but remained head of Likud with the aim of returning to power so that his MPs would again grant him immunity and his corruption trial would be overturned. Once the final results are known, Israeli President Isaac Herzog will ask the head of the party with the most votes to form a government. He will have a term of 42 days.

However, according to the Israeli press, the Netanyahu camp does not expect the official green light, with the former prime minister having already asked Yariv Levin, his close associate, to start negotiations mainly with “Religious Zionism”.

Bezalel Smotrich, head of the party, has stated that he wants the Ministry of Defense and the second in the hierarchy of the party Itamar Ben Gvir the Ministry of Internal Security, two key positions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, at a time when the tension is particularly acute.

Their appointment to these critical ministries could “embarrass Netanyahu on the international stage,” estimated Palestinian analyst Khaldoun Barghouti.

Without wanting to “speculate the government” the US State Department expressed the hope that “all Israeli officials continue to share the values ​​of an open, democratic and tolerant society that respects all civil society and especially minorities”.

Palestinian PM: Election results show ‘rise of extremism’

The results of the parliamentary elections held in Israel testify to the “rise of extremism and racism” in Israeli society, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Stageh commented today.

“The increase in the percentages of far-right religious parties in the Israeli elections testifies to the rise of extremism and racism in Israeli society, from which our people have been suffering for years ,” Mr. Stageh emphasized in a press release released on Ramallah, seat of the Palestinian Authority.

“We had no illusions that the Israeli elections would reveal a partner for peace ,” Mr. Stageh added.

“The results show that Netanyahu has a better chance of forming a government with fascists on his side. And this worries us a lot as it shows the direction this country is taking and what awaits the Palestinians who live in this country ,” Aida Touma-Suleiman, a member of parliament for the Israeli Arab Hadas-Taal (Democratic Front) faction, told AFP for Peace and Equality”). Source Click here!

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