The YouTube channel is going to be deleted.

I got another video removed and they’re going back to the beginning of the channel and flagging anything that doesn’t fit the mainstream western narrative.

The channel will be gone soon so make sure to download any videos you liked. I would say it’s gone before the day is over.

Don’t say I didn’t warn because I did on almost every video that when YouTube takes us down this website is home base.

I pray that those who want to find us can in Jesus name amen. God bless and see you soon. I’ll be posting here and on telegram and that’s it. Right now I’m in the middle of prepping projects here at home and doctoring but I’ll post important updates when I can.

Blessings to you



  • In Other Words….. It’s happening 💯

  • Thanks brother from another.
    Sucks,but I guess it has to happen. Thanks man for letting us know.

  • We knew this moment will come sooner or later for the ones that speak truth, and search deep.
    Time to dedicate more time to your health and family.
    God YAH will lead you where He desire to use you.
    We are out also.
    People don’t understand that all those wars and rumor of wars are “one big game”, where “all” the leaders have the same purpose. There is no ONE good in this world.
    Thank you for your work Johnny. Keep in touch.
    Lili & Derrick. 🙏❤️🌷

  • You speaking the truth and giving the gospel has such an impact than you realize Brother Johnny. I’ve been doing the same thing myself and got censored and cast out in exposing the death jabs/mark, and so on from Lucifer’s trashy kingdom. I also been sharing tons of your reported posts on my social media in the past before they all banned me in violation according to the beast’s mandatory malignant narcissist laws. I pray if it’s God will to continue to report and give the gospel of Jesus Christ brother. You’ve impacted so many people despite the demonic worldwide censorship by Satan and the powers that be who kiss his rear end. I truly appreciate your work unto our beloved Almighty God. My prayers for you, your health, and to your family as well. I will also continue to watch and share your reports as long as the internet still exists until it no longer exists. God bless Brother Johnny.

  • Youtube is a threat to each of us. Try rumble

  • Hi Johnny, have you considered starting a podcast? It can be a great way to reach people because many people consume audio content and it’s becoming more popular due to garbabe like youtube is doing to people who speak truth like you do. I’m in the process of starting a blog (it’s in the early stages right now) and I have no intent on using youtube because of stuff like this. Be of good courage and stand strong!

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