To be or not to be

That is the question for me now. I am beyond burnt out and my health hasn’t been great so at the very least I’m taking a break.

For me the question is am I making any kind of a difference or am I just putting my finger in the dike? I am supposed to be helping to find the lost sheep, not just reporting the news. I rarely if ever see any fruit that points to that. So then i ask the question “what’s the point?”

If I’m not helping to get the lost sheep home then all of this is a complete waste of time. That’s the reason I’m here because it’s definitely not about money or accolades because there’s none to be found in this line of work.

Oh and speaking of money we have a severe lack of funding and this has been full time for awhile now. The internet gets shut off on the 1sr as Comcast doesn’t play so if that happens the shows over anyway. Everyone always says “oh the next guy will do it” but they never do. I don’t have a PO Box because the $170 I’ve taken in this month went for medicine and food. I don’t have the funds for a P.O. Box. Most of the money that’s been raised in our current fundraiser was donated in September. But enough about that my main focus is making some kind of difference.

That’s it for now. I’ve got some serious praying and thinking to do. God bless and take care.


  • I’m praying for you johnny. I have come to expect truth about the war but I know in today’s world it takes money to live. God will walk before you.

  • Keep up the great work.. in my opinion you are at some point better than Hal turner, and your work remind us all of God, which I don’t find anywhere else..

  • Of course you are makeing a difference,, have been following you since early 2019, and you are my main source of news, also many people I’ve shared your website with say that you do excellent work.
    And most importantly you give glory to our Lord and point people to Him.
    Please don’t give up or loose heart. Yes take a break.
    But brother please don’t forget that all your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    Many blessings.

    • Fully agree with you ! (wanted to “like” your comment but couldn’t find how/where to !!)
      I am sharing most his videos to many ppl !
      Praying for John !

  • Folks, I sincerely hope everyone reads this….
    If We want the Truth…..
    We’ve got to dig deeper and Support the Truth!!
    The System…. Is Pushing John into a Corner…. Just like the Rest of us!
    Faith is the key 🗝️
    Do We believe that God will take Care of Those who sacrifice , … For the Truth….
    I know that the Lord is Speaking to someone’s heart….. While Reading this….
    Please Read, Proverbs 3:4-6
    Trust in the Lord with All thine heart ….
    Let’s Step up to the plate and truly believe that God will Reward those who Trust Him 💯
    Let’s … Give…
    And Trust In the Lord….
    This ministry has touched my heart, more times than I Could Count….
    Are we willing to stand before God ….
    And find out that because we didn’t Do what He asked of us……
    And One Soul was Lost…..
    Just One ….
    May God bless Everyone who makes a difference for the Lord Jesus Christ 💯

  • You are making a difference. You keep me abreast about things others do not report on. We all are on burn out but my brother if you just take the time you need to figure out how you can do what you are doing maybe fir less a month. Doing something no matter how little is better than nothing. How do you know you are not reaching people by your message concerning them life and salvation. You never know and you must trust God knows how hard you tried. That matters most. My WordPress page has become a mine field as I also am bleeding out. God bless brother do stay or come back

    • Brother,
      Even the apostle Paul Said….
      That the church of philipi ….
      The poorest Church….
      Gave More Than Any other of the churches

      And look at what God did….. With it….

      The world was reached with the Gospel!

      We need to not look at what it takes to do this ministry…..

      We need to look at what…
      God Can do…. With this Ministry….

      Our eyes need to be on the Mission
      John’s heart is True 💯
      God is using him….

      The only limit for what God can do….
      Is ourselves….

      John is on the front line of the battlefield
      None of us can possibly imagine what He has to do And fight against….

      It’s up to us…. To hold his Arms Up….
      During the battle
      We must ask Ourselves….
      Are we…. Willing to be those arms
      Proverbs 3:4-6

      God bless you brother 💯

  • Try not to be discouraged Johnny. These “clowns” are not through with us yet. You Know they are going to take down the financial, food, energy systems, world wide. (Very soon) When the system collapses, you’ll have daddy gooberment saying: You want heat, food / water ?? We have all you need, just take our “Seal of approval” . Then you have the Guide Stones that told the story (95%) of humanity will have to go. (Yet, no one believes it) … So They are either Playing out the Bible as it was written, Or The Bible is True and they have no choice but to follow it. … Our Belief in the Lord God is Not in vain Johnny. (Jesus said: Many will take the easy way and follow the ways of this world and stay on the path of destruction, And few will find or believe in the path that leads to everlasting life.) … I honestly thought this would be all over by now, But I haven’t stop talking to strangers about the time were in, Because I lost all family, friends, neighbors contacts. (They don’t want to hear the Truth) and that is an important service you provide to anyone willing and for as long as we have to listen. … Jesus said: He won’t loose one. .. I know you have helped me stay on that path of Truth with your news, articles and Commentary. .. Blessing to you and yours Johnny (+)

  • You make a difference in my life🌈❤️

  • This is not advice, just information. The Bible talks about change, seasons. Two refs: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Proverbs 27:23-27. Whatever you choose, blessings!

  • I for 1 appreciate your reports Jonny. Take a break bro and regroup if need be. Prepp like a big dawg you know the deal. 👊

  • I for one am VERY thankful for what you do for the Lord and for all of us! I will keep you in my prayers! God bless.

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