Martial Law Declared in 4 Regions of Russia, British Def. Sec. Meeting with Pentagon and W. House

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Nuclear war could break out any minute now so stay in prayer and keep prepping! The Western nations have zero intention of negotiating any kind of peace with Russia so nuclear war is coming and probably THIS YEAR for sure. My video is below along with supporting info from Greek Website warnews 247. I’ve also put the other links below as always. May God bless you all and please take this seriously.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is making an emergency trip to the US on the issue of Russia’s imminent use of nuclear weapons. Developments are running at breakneck pace and now humanity is very close to something that would have seemed unthinkable a few months ago.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace canceled his appearance before the House of Commons Defense Committee on Tuesday and went to the US for “emergency meetings” at the Pentagon and the White House .

Defense Secretary James Heappey said Mr Wallace met his US counterpart for “the kind of talks that [are] really beyond belief, that we are at a time when these kinds of talks are necessary”. .

All indications are that the British Foreign Ministry flew to the US, rather than using secure communications. The Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom also admitted it. Therefore we are talking about the use of nuclear…

There are three points that Britons and Americans will debate:

  • Imminent use of nukes by Russia
  • Providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine immediately after the use of nuclear weapons. There are reports of forces entering Lviv for humanitarian reasons
  • Possible retaliatory measures by Russia for strikes on the Nord Stream pipelines

The situation is extremely extreme. A while ago, Jordan also ordered its nationals to leave Ukraine as quickly as possible.

Imminent nuclear use by Russia

In the last few hours:

  • We have the interview of the Russian General S.Surovikin. Russian politician and journalist, Yegor Kholmogorov commented on Sergey Surovikin’s statement saying:

“I understood Surovikin quite clearly: Ukraine and the West received a message that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons on the steppes on its constitutional territory.

In other words, Biden and Zelensky understand that the Ukraine victory scenario is simply not among Russia’s options.

Nuclear war is here. There is the exclusion zone. There are negotiations. But there is simply no victory for Ukraine on the cards.”

Read also: Declaration of the evacuation of Kherson – Interview-warning S.Surovikin to Zelensky: “I will make difficult decisions” – Nuclear in sight?

  • At the same time, the Russian Security Council is meeting shortly with an expanded composition.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a virtual meeting of the Russian Security Council on Wednesday, October 19, the Kremlin announced on Tuesday.

“It is planned to consider issues related to the neutralization of threats to national security and the regulation of migration processes in the interest of the country’s socio-economic development and socio-political stability ,” the Kremlin said in a statement. .

Afterwards, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev is due to deliver a report, the Kremlin said.

The last meeting of the enlarged Security Council was held in May. Putin regularly, usually once a week, holds current affairs meetings with the permanent members of the Security Council.

British Ministry of Foreign Affairs emergency trip to Washington for “unthinkable matter”

According to British media, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is making an emergency unscheduled visit to Washington to talk to his counterpart and White House officials about ” shared security concerns ,” including Ukraine and Russia, a source and official said. .

The secret nature of the last-minute trip and a comment by the second defense secretary, James Hippie – who said the talks Mr Wallace would have on Tuesday were “unthinkable” – suggested highly sensitive and serious issues would be discussed.

The UK defense source declined to offer any specific details about the content of Mr Wallace’s trip. He only said:

“The Secretary of Defense is in Washington to discuss shared security concerns, including Ukraine.

“He will visit his counterpart at the Pentagon and senior officials at the White House.”

Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, the US Pentagon press secretary, said:

“He is here today to discuss the situation in Ukraine and joint US and UK efforts to support Ukraine, as well as to reaffirm transatlantic ties and cooperation. A function that our two countries share when it comes to issues like Russia.”

Mr Heappey gave the impression that the discussions were particularly serious as he answered questions about the UK’s political crisis during an interview on Tuesday with Kay Burley on Sky News.

“We here at the Department of Defense are doing a good job of keeping our nation safe in a time of incredible global insecurity,” he said.

“My boss, Ben Wallace, is in Washington this morning and he’s having these kinds of conversations that … beyond belief that we’re at a time when these kinds of conversations are necessary.”

Asked by Sky News about the “beyond belief (ss inconceivable)” statements, a Pentagon spokesman said: “I refer you to the minister on that.”

However, the Foreign Secretary, speaking on Sky News on Wednesday morning, described Mr Wallace’s trip as “a normal and orderly part of a frankly very unusual and perverse situation” and suggested it was in response to Russia’s increased targeting of civilian infrastructures.

“There is an urgency because civilians are being targeted in a new way and so we have to respond to that and our response has to be at pace,” he said

“There are conversations you honestly don’t want to have over the phone.”

There was no honor guard

In a sign that the visit was hastily planned and kept low profile, there was no honor guard to greet Mr Wallace at the Pentagon.

The possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine came up at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels last week. Mr. Wallace and Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, also attended and held a bilateral meeting there.

60,000 people will be transferred from Kherson to Russia

The governor of Kherson region said today that about 50,000-60,000 people will be transferred from there to Russia and to the left bank of the Dnieper, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

The evacuation is expected to take about six days, Russian-appointed governor Vladimir Saldo said, according to TASS.

Earlier, the also Russian-appointed deputy governor of Kherson, Kirill Stremusov, had stressed that civilians should be evacuated from the city as quickly as possible because Ukrainian forces could launch an attack at any time.

Ukrainian forces “will soon launch an offensive against the city of Kherson, ” Stremusov said.

“I ask you to take my words seriously: evacuate the city as soon as possible,” he said in a post on the Telegram messaging app.

In a new entry, he later stated that today the situation on the front is stable, but the citizens should take refuge on the left bank.

“Move as fast as possible, please, to the left bank,” he stressed.

Citizens in Kherson are receiving messages from the administration asking them to leave the city , RIA news agency reported.

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  • The Bear will be attacked first in 6 days during the solar eclipse over Russia on 10/25 and then return the attack with vengeance. Khers means “bear” in Persian Language and “Kherson” means “Bears” in very old Persian Language which was used by Lor tribes and old cities in Southern part of Iran close to Shusha and Dezful and Ezeh where Cyrus the great came from. Next week may be the end of the 2nd woe and the beginning of sorrows. Then the 3rd woe comes quickly.

  • One speaks of “present” tribulation. (I’m not certain if “Johnny” is pre-trib rapture, like most deceived churches?) … In any case: One will learn quite a bit from “JR”.

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