New Russian General “Armageddon” Surovikin Intends to Level all of Ukraine with “Shock and Awe” Air Campaign

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Iran’s involvement in the Ukraine war is dangerously deepening as in the context of the new generalized attack prepared by Russian General S.Surovikin, he is preparing to send Fateh-110, Zolfaghar ballistic missiles as well as the most modern Arash-2 kamikaze drones.

All three Iranian weapons will multiply the strike capabilities of the Russian Army. It is now clear that the new Commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine, General S.Surovikin, wants to pulverize the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the infrastructure of Ukraine in order to reduce the risk for the ground forces.

It is hard to imagine what will be left of this Ukraine that does not have a decent anti-aircraft defense. With successive barrages of ballistic missiles, Russian and Iranian, such as Iskander, Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar combined with cruise missiles and Swarms of kamikaze drones Arash-2, Shahed-136, Russian Lancets change the whole course of the war.

The bad thing for Ukraine is that Iran’s ballistic missiles such as Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar have already been used in Syria and Iraq and have proven their reliability. They are extremely accurate with a range of up to 700 km, 200 more than the Russian Iskander!

But the attempt to flatten Ukraine by Russia and Iran sends a very clear message to the West and Israel, and here a serious problem arises for the Jewish state.

If Iran has such a large arsenal that enables it to supply Russia in huge quantities, some sources speak of 2-3,000 drones, then Israel should review the size of Tehran and Hezbollah’s arsenal!

In addition to this, Iran’s new arms deliveries to Russia will increase US and Western pressure on Israel to get involved militarily in Ukraine against Russia. Something like this will bring involvement and escalation in Syria and the Middle East as well.

And this without counting the compensation that Iran will get such as Su-35 and Su-57…

Undoubtedly, the conflict in Ukraine is globalizing to a dangerous degree. The Arash-2s were created specifically to hit targets in Israel. Therefore, their use in Ukraine is a rehearsal for the Middle East.

An Iranian analyst, speaking about Iran-Russia cooperation, emphasized that “Soon Zelensky will have to speak Farsi!”

“Military cooperation between Iran and Russia is not connected to the war in Ukraine, it just entered a new phase a long time ago.

The weapons that Russia bought from Iran are not limited to drones and include other weapons as well.

After all, this road is not a one-way road!”.

Todays video

Here is the video of the Iranian Ballistic Missiles that they’re sending to Russia.

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