West is Prepping Nuclear Crisis Plans according to UK Media

From RT.com

Officials say they’re looking at ways to prevent panic/chaos at home in case of a nuclear event.

Western governments are drawing up plans to avoid panic among their citizens should a nuclear weapon be used in Ukraine, two major UK media outlets have reported.

The alleged preparations come as NATO officials are fueling speculation about the possibility, and issuing repeated warnings that Moscow would face “severe consequences” if it deployed the bomb.

Asked whether options and crisis plans were in place to address the aftermath of a nuclear detonation in Eastern Europe, an unnamed Western official confirmed that such plans were underway, according to reports in the Times and the Guardian.

“As you would expect, the government is conducting prudent planning for a range of possible scenarios of which that is one,” the official told reporters on Friday, referring to a nuclear strike.

While the official offered few other details about what those options would entail, the reports speculated that leaflets could be distributed to inform citizens “how to survive a nuclear attack” or to avoid panic buying.

What The Telegraph described as a “nuclear war of words” between Russia and the West started last month, after Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed that Moscow would use “all the means” at its disposal if Russia’s territorial integrity was threatened. The statement was interpreted by the US and its allies as a “veiled threat” to deploy nuclear weapons during the conflict in Ukraine.

“Putin knows that if he uses a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, it will have severe consequences for Russia,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday.

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace similarly said on Thursday that “if Russia were to use a nuclear weapon, there would be severe consequences,” while scolding French President Emmanuel Macron for revealing too much when he said Paris would not respond with its own arsenal of nukes.

Around the same time, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that any nuclear attack against Ukraine would prompt a powerful answer from the West, which would see the Russian army “annihilated” – but also acknowledged it would not be a “nuclear answer.” 

US President Joe Biden warned that the conflict in Ukraine could lead to “Armageddon” during a Democratic fundraiser last week, adding that nuclear tensions were at their highest level since the peak of Cold War brinkmanship in the 1960s. Biden’s comments triggered some alarm among Americans, but were quickly followed by clarifications from the White House and the Pentagon that, in fact, there was no intelligence or indication that “Putin has either made a decision to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, or has done anything to get closer to that decision making process.”  Source click here.

Johnny’s Commentary

Guys I don’t know what else to show you in order to make you see that what’s coming, a nuclear WW3 is very real. For the governments of the world to openly admit that we should all start planning for such an event should be chilling to everyone in the world. We are starting to see some concern on the part of Americans as they’re starting to ask the “woke” politicians what the hell is going on. Here is one example at a recent Town Hall type meeting with AOC and her constituents.

As you can see regular Americans are DONE with the woke garbage and they want action taken to keep us out of WW3 which of course the Biden administration keeps funding. What the average person on the street doesn’t realize is the greater game at play that’s meant to bring us “order out of chaos” and right into the New World Order. To do this they need a massive world crisis and a nuclear war would do just that, it would force the what’s left of the world to get in line with the NWO or suffer with no medical care or food.

We are in the tribulation hour and the horses are all riding! Time is short and we will need Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior more than ever before! Seek Him NOW while He can still be found! Time is getting short!

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  • The Big Cities are Putting up billboards and Signs ….. Of What to do during a Radiation Emergency 🦺
    I’m old enough to remember the ” Duck and Cover” …. Taught At school …
    But Our generation is dying Off ..
    The Current Generation doesn’t have a Clue about…. Just How Serious this situation Really is!!
    America as we’ve known it , …. Has been grooming Americans… For Decades
    We’re Definitely Seeing and Watching the Fall of The System Created , … So the New World Order…., Can be Put in place…..
    Out of the Chaos Unimaginable …..
    Blinded….. Will Soon….. Have a whole New Meaning!!
    The Signs are literally Everywhere brother 💯

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