Shocking Figures are Published by UK Govt. find that 1 in 246 Vaccinated are DEAD Within 60 Days!

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That and much more about the virus and the shots is in todays video along with all of the links down below. Please share this one with loved ones because it contains some information that may stop them from taking the juice!

Therefore, using simple maths, we find that 1 in every 482 vaccinated people has died within 1 month of Covid-19 Vaccination in England.

44,480,115 (People vaccinated) / 92,146 (deaths) = 482= 1 death for every 482 people vaccinated

1 in every 246 people has died within 60 days of Covid-19 vaccination in England.

44,480,115 (People vaccinated) / 180,659 (deaths) = 246 = 1 death for every 246 people vaccinated

And 1 in every 73 Covid-19 vaccinated people in England were sadly dead by the end of May 2022.

44,480,115 (People vaccinated) / 606,537 (deaths) = 73 = 1 death for every 73 people vaccinated

Of course, some of these deaths can be attributed to other causes and would have most likely occurred anyway, but the figures are representative of a real serious problem. We know this thanks to further data from the Office for National Statistics confirming the unvaccinated population in England has the lowest mortality rate per 100,000 population in all age groups. Main story source click here.

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Vaccine Narrative Collapsing

Pfizer Executive Confesses to jabs not stopping transmission!

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  • It’s the snare to mark the wise and the foolish! 144 weeks after WHO declared CV pandemic and 144 days after WHO declared Monkeypox emergency is 2nd anniversary of vax and start of 1st Bowl sores. That will shock the 5.5 billion that trusted the beast.

  • This poison vaccine stop’s one thing, the lives of people taking it.

  • I wish I could share Johnny, but everyone I know has taken the Juice bro.
    God bless.

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