The CDC Knew the PCR tests were bogus

They were nothing but a prop used to convince everyone there was a deadly virus, just like a movie. How many movies did they make about pandemics over the last 30 years? There isn’t an accurate count that I can find but there are dozens.

That’s a ton of predictive programming to brainwash the public with and they needed a scary prop to convince you.

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  • Nobody has ever scientifically proven sars-cov-2 exists. The cell cultures they claim is isolation are fabricated to demonstrate cellular breakdown but the cause is the additives to the cell culture.The entire pandemic is a scam and what is actually getting people sick is 5g radiation which causes all of the symptoms and effects oxygen molecules. We are being microwaved. There is no virus and there never was. They rolled out 5g and capitalized on everyone’s ignorance. This telegram channel provides all the information that exposes 5g and debunks covid.

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