Several Killed As Baghdad’s Green Zone Unravels, White House Denies Embassy Evacuation Reports | ZeroHedge

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Rumors are flying about an evacuation of US personnel from the embassy in Iraq. Things are getting hot for the USA in the Middle East as the people there are done with the USA.

Here is a video link to some of the fighting in Baghdad.


  • Jersey ferburger

    Yeah you said it right on Johnny. People have had enough of the us gov doing everything it can to destabilize anywhere.

  • I had a dream this morning went to krogers, Fred Meyer there, and they were out of food. I know a guy that throws meat away ,”after” the expiration date. He said for weeks he’s been throwing good meat “nothing” wrong with it not expired good Temps just told don’t stock it throw it away, I opened my Bible this morning as I do after praying and it opened to Ezekiel 12 26 the last verse that’s 3 times in a week Jonny I would say what it is but figure we all need to dust our Bibles because he’ll coming and very few are ready

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