WW3 Report includes China, Russia, NATO, USA and more!

Today is 8-21-22 and in todays video report you will see how;

  • Ukrainian troops continue to shell the nuclear plant city while blaming the Russians for creating a “false flag”
  • The endgame is now in the open as EU and US government reps say any accident at the plant will invoke NATO’s article 5 against Russia as Russia would take the blame.
  • Triggering article 5 against Russia would cause Russia to feel its very existence to be under threat and Putin has already said what they would do in such an event.  “Russian conventional forces do not compare with NATO conventional forces; we know that” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.  “But Russia is also a nuclear power.  And our ability is superior to NATO.   If NATO invokes Article 5 against Russia, it will be a war that no one will win.” Putin continued.
  • China is also making final preparations for war as their military drills around Taiwan have shown the world. China is now on record saying that those drills are part of their final push to reunify Taiwan with the mainland.
  • China’s economy is in serious trouble as it faces a $350 billion dollar mortgage crisis and electricity cuts at major manufacturing plants due to drought. They’re also facing potential crop failure and famine due to those same droughts!
  • All of that is in today’s video report and all of my source links will be below.

China Prepping for War

Drills around Taiwan

Chinese Cloud Seeding

Chinese Economy in Trouble

Mortgage Boycotts in China

NATO to invoke article 5 if

Ukraine War Veterans Tell Truth about US aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian Shelling Nuclear of Plant City Continues

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