DCF employee arrested for helping child sex trafficker

An employee of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families has been arrested for helping a child sex trafficker avoid police.
— Read on www.wtnh.com/news/connecticut/hartford/dcf-employee-arrested-for-helping-child-sex-trafficker/

CPS services in every state are like this!


  • Child Protective (heh yeah) Services has always been corrupt.
    They are now unable to contain the truth thanks to new media tech compared to the 90s.
    A friend and co-worker is in prison when a DNA test proved the daughter was not his, the lady was just a gold digger. Two female (lezzbeahns) deputies arrested him. The entire investigate team were ‘females’ and was railroaded.
    Oh and BTW, he used to be the worshipful master of his lodge. Once the Holy Spirit convicted him, he resigned. Two other co-workers that left the lodge lost their jobs as well.
    Folks from the many comments I read on the u-toob channel it is very grievous to see just how naive so many people are, even with internet access to go learn on their own. Or maybe I’m naive and expect to much from humanity. Guess really it’s me, I really do expect too much from humanity.
    Back on point, CPS is part of the trafficking ring. A new (to me) thing is tagging a car with a black zip tie on the back passenger door. It signals the driver as a target for harvesting in the sex trade. Found it on ‘BeachMilk on GAB. however today without an account could not locate it.
    I hesitate doing a search even using Brave private because of the tech to ‘implant’ evidence on one’s computer if you become a target. So please use care when dealing with such a sensitive topic.
    Prayed up brethren…….those tiny clouds on the horizon will soon be a huge storm..

    PS: PLEASE pray for married couples…!!!! Please, many have lukewarm, violent and rebellious spouses. Speaking from what I’ve read and experience. With all we have unfolding, the enemy is working to keep our eyes off of Jesus/Yahusha, our redeemer and soon returning King of Glory.

    Thank you all much Agape…

  • Would recommend a daily visit to savethemales.ca

    found this article ehre, very timely yes?
    Texas CPS Worker Caught on Video Telling Foster Care Child to Become a Prostitute if She Wants to Eat


    The underage girl recorded the footage herself after informing her mother that CPS staff had repeatedly encouraged her to engage in prostitution.

    The girl’s mother, Keisha Bazley, told local Texas media that she has nine children and had originally turned to CPS for help with her 14-year-old daughter, who was experiencing behavioral issues.

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