• Do so brother, rest up and refill your Cup in the presence of The Most High brother. Blessings and enjoy the time away.

  • We can Only imagine how much you have to Do Every Single day 💯
    Enjoy your time off and God bless 💯❤️🙏👍

  • rest up brother…maybe do some reading…..now that I’m done with the Armor of God I’m waiting to see what other project Father has…for now will spend the day in prayer and praise and worship.
    So much unfolding so fast it puts the watchmen on info overload.
    Hal Turner posted a clip of a driver carrying baby formula to a site where she discovered it’s getting destroyed.
    Evil is just ramping up and warriors are so few…..so there is time we must give our soul a rest…..enjoy your animals and ponder on the wonder of God…
    much agape brother….

    • I watched a video today, let’s just say a very big youtuber and side kick have been caught doing some bad things. The most troubling is how they get people to trust them then tell them tons of things not supposed to be told. Then turning it over to “certain ” people that are not our friends. Jonny be very very careful. These people are on OUR side yet if you , that’s all commenters, are sending emails to people please be certain you know at least their real name. I trust You Jonny, but it’s a very good time to take a break.
      I own nothing and don’t do anything illegal, so if they want to hush me they can try but my lords Jesus not these bastards.

      • Now you have my curiosity peaked , I wonder about that so much. That “”YouTuber & sidekick” wouldn’t start with the letter M would it? If you can’t say, it’s fine , I’ve just always had a feeling about that one & just don’t trust it.

      • Agree that discernment is paramount.
        So much deception within the camp.
        I used to watch a channel that had decent bible studies until i realized they continued to follow the Torah. No longer do I bother with saying anything I just walk away. Judgment comes to the house of the Lord and it is before us.

        We need to walk away and rest up to just to listen what Father speaks to us.
        I used to email about 25 men or so.
        Then the Lord began to reveal the depth of, Born Again, and brought to remembrance how they treated me at work.
        Now it’s down to about five and one is about to be removed.
        These are the ones that will turn me in when the pressure increases.
        Having played by the ‘rules’ after my wild youth, it will not matter to TPTB.

        A war of two kingdoms, of darkness and light. So the word of Messiah will come true.
        They hated him and they will hate us.
        May the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus / Yahusha rest upon the saints….

  • Understood

  • And He said to them, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat. So they departed to a deserted place in the boat by themselves.
    Mark 6:31-32 NKJV

  • Take care, brother-in-Christ.

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