ACTION ALERT: American Sovereignty Threatened by NATO Incursion – YOUR ATTENTION IS URGENTLY NEEDED – Business Game Changers

NATO takes over Norfolk Naval base with close to a complete media blackout – Urgent Action is Needed to preserve Sovereignty:
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We were discussing this a couple of weeks ago. Nothing much shocks me anymore.


  • Jeffrey R Rocker

    Oh that’s nuts! Thank you Johnny God bless you and yours.❤️

  • quite amazing to be in the end game. this was started under clinton long ago. nato will have to regroup here when its kicked out of europe and they will be the troops that try to enforce the last of the globalists control on whats left of the us

  • A response to my posting this link on Zero Hedge was that more treaties have already been signed.
    Then a message from the Lord was given. “You have divided my land in secret. When it is announced to the world I will divide your land.”

    Folks the word, “suddenly”, continues to ring in my spirit.
    The (ours) rebellious siblings and family pains my soul. Also, many of us have spouses that are lukewarm, rebellious and even have taken the jab behind the believer’s back!
    So much treachery within the house of God Almighty.
    If it grieves my soul, cannot fathom how it grieves Father!!!

    I must add here two sources of warfare for the few that have ears to hear.
    A book by John Eckhardt, titled: Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare manual.
    and while its still up, the website:

    I’m accustomed to ridicule and mockery. This is for the mature Christian and will not reply back to doubters, mockers, scoffers. Just full disclosure.

    Johnny here is also under attack and as all front line line warriors needs our prayers.
    Daniel and Nehemiah both alone prayed for an entire nation, we can pray for every believer across this earth.

    As soon as I’m done with editorial review I will submit to johnny Derek Prince 15 part series on the Armor of God.
    This is an essential primer for beginners to mature believers alike.
    Much Agape to all….

    • a reply I got on Zero Hedge:
      3 hours ago

      Yes, not only read , but are expecting it …… treaties have been signed ….

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