Warning to China: Why the U.S. Air Force Sent 4 B-2 Bombers to Australia – 19FortyFive

The presence of U.S. B-2 Spirit bombers in the Indo-Pacific sends a clear signal to China that America’s nuclear triad remains ready.
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Heads up as more planes and weapons get moved into place.

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  • I’ll leave it here. Jonny very few picked up on China saying they will no longer help America in drug trafficing… I’ll see if anyone understands how bad that is. You see the largest dealer in fentynalin the world if you thought OVER DOSES WERE BAD BEFORE . If you know anyone that smokes snorts or mainlines warn them poisons coming Iworked matinence for a hud property. Two sisters bought a 1/4 of plain pot 3 days later they buried them. This war will be unlike any b4 and till Armagedon it will be worse then any nightmare you can dream of

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