WHO Declares Global Health Emergency Over Monkeypox, Vaxxed are Dropping Like Flies!

Dr. Cahill also informs us that anyone who has had an mRNA injection will be dead within 3-5 years. It looks like what Jesus said in Matthew 24:22 was correct.  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Here is today’s video on news we can’t speak about anywhere else. The bitchute link will be below.

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Covid to be Permanent

Vaccinated Dropping Like Flies

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3-5 years…

WHO Declares Emergency

New Pandemic Treaty

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  • Midsummer eve energy there. I had some serious warning messages about this weekend. I wonder if there is more to come this weekend or was this the big thing?

  • Thanks for sharing–what I think they’re doing (and maybe I’m wrong) is they’re simply labeling the Covid Vaccine as ‘Monkeypox Vaccine’; meaning that they’re fooling the public into thinking they’re getting a Monkeypox Vaccine, but in reality, they’re getting a Covid/mRNA vaccine that has simply been ‘labled’ as a Covid Vaccine’ and it’s for the purpose of changing DNA. Interestingly, when God gave Jacob a dream at Bethel, Jacob saw angels running up/down the ladder and was told your ‘seed’ would inherit the land. If you take a ladder, and twist it, you get a strand of DNA. And the biblical word for ‘seed’ is ‘life’….is not the DNA God’s blueprint of life? That’s what they’re trying to change.

    There’s a lot of people who took 1-2 Covid Shots and after having side effects stopped (I’ve never taken one and never will. I’ve never put on a mask either, and I never will). So now, they release the Monkeypox as a weapon on the people to instill fear and make them rush to get what they think is a Monkeypox vaccine, but it’s more Covid shots to ‘finish the job’ on the people. If I remember, they were pushing for people to get 4 shots–most people have only gotten 2. So they had to come up with something to instill fear so they could ‘finish the job’, and they’re doing it by instilling fear….fear is a powerful weapon to control people. Talking about Masks, there’s a cool video on youtube about God’s Name being on your face, literally–check it out when you get a chance…..when you see the push for masks you’ll discover how they’re literally trying to hide God’s name! At this point, I believe masks are nothing more than an act of ritual submisssion to the Beast.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head about the latest monkey business. I’ve never been nailed either with the scam. May God help those who have.

    • Lyubomyr Ivasiv

      The Monkeypox is just the side effect of the vaccine. If you’ve seen the Pfizer docs showing the 100s of side effects, one/few of them have to do with skin with scab like lesions. Basically it’s a side effects from the VAX, which they flip into Monkeypox fear so you go take more VAX poison. Ingenious

  • The “” Purge “‘ Comes to Mind 💯
    ‘”” Divergent ”
    “” Helix “”
    “” Hunger Games “”
    And On And On …..
    Movies and Series Have literally been Predictive Programming indeed 💯
    Russian Movies Are Doing the Same thing!!
    Now the WHO is Just Getting Started
    Things are Going to get Ugly very Fast
    Like Never before In History 💯

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