Vaccine Boosters are destroying immune systems!

We told you so but the world said we should be banished to the pits of hell for telling the truth!

Now that we’ve all been deplatformed and unfunded they will let the truth leak out. They have to let the truth out as it’s becoming glaringly obvious that this is a death shot and a massive failure at gene therapy.

In the video below Tucker Carlson was allowed to address the elephant in the room.

They’ve largely accomplished their first goals in depopulation which was to get rid of the sick and the old. They call us the useless eaters. I’m going to be qualified as I turn 55 (God willing) next week so now I can get senior discounts at some places.

That and since they know I’ll never go along with their garbage I’m considered a liability. Cant have anyone out there showing people the truth no matter how small the channel.

I don’t know how much longer I have on this pop stand but I’m ready to go home anytime now. Whether that’s now or whether I have to wait until the second coming that’s not up to me.

I can’t help but feel righteous anger every single day when I see how many are suffering and dying because of all of the hypocrisy and lies. One of my daily prayers now is to help me to walk in love. I have to ask for help because there’s no love left in this world anymore and without Gods strength and love we don’t stand a chance!

Stay ready and pray without ceasing because everything is happening fast and will take so many by surprise! Seek Jesus Christ as your lord and savior now while there’s still time!

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  • I pray daily for the survivors. There wont be many .
    Now Kamala about to take the fake leadership role lol

    All very Titor timeline

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